Day 18 – Chicken & Grated Carrots Pasta Salad


My Friday packed meal.

There is never ever a dull moment in the blogging world.  This is the reason why I enjoy reading other posts from bloggers from around the world because you learn something new every single day.  I have been having trouble eating lately because my taste buds were acting up and also because I was getting tired of eating the same thing over and over again.  I bumped into a blog post by Sefatia where she shared her Monday meal.  You can get the complete recipe here.

The only difference is that instead of broccoli I used carrots.  A few other ingredients like olives were also missing because I don’t like them so I didn’t even go out to look for them and there was no wine because I refuse to be led into temptation!  But the meal was delicious and I will definitely be trying out new recipes from now on.  Before Sefatia’s post I didn’t even know pasta salad existed!  I added some grated beetroot on the side because I love a lot of colour when it comes to my food and it made a great combination.

I hope you try out the recipe sometime, I promise you won’t regret it.  Remember improvising is your friend in case you don’t have all the ingredients.



13 thoughts on “Day 18 – Chicken & Grated Carrots Pasta Salad

    • the beetroot nope, looks like blood hahaha ever since used it for a science experiment, its a no from me
      and then finally pour the wine in what…. heck no, drinking this roseeeey is that how its pronounced (drinking stuff cant prononunce sophistication right there)

      improvising defo friend *cheers*

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      • You are funny! you won’t let the pasta enjoy some wine soaking? This dish was out of this world you HAVE to try it. How much are Olives anyway? I like the cheese bit as well, I think I will add it next time I try the Sausage Pasta 🙂

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      • I tried the dish, it turned out superb, (and I stole all the credit too) I added couple of table spoons of vinegar to the pasta (because; improvising and had started to drink the wine before I started anything else, Hoza Friday whoop whoop) for that tangy flavour and added diced potatoes I love potato salad and I can handle my carbs, high metabolism hahaha, with a side serving of an avocado and mince mashup (it looks rather erm busy but the taste,… is interesting in a really good way)
        hmmm just realised apart from the pasta and mayo this become a totally different dish hahaha

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