Day 24 – Conversation Killers

Let me send you some of the “short hand messages” that come through in phones all over Zimbabwe, mine included.

Let me tell you what they mean.

“HUD” How You Doing

“WYA” Where You At

“Gr8” Great

“HBD” Happy Birthday

“l8tr” Later

“Kkkkk” ((this is supposed to be some form of laugh))  Please show me one person you have seen who laughs like that in real life.

“Cm tmw n brng ur own vhcl we wnt prvd trnspt” This is a very lazy someone who obviously can’t construct a sentence.

“fon” Phone

“waal” I have NO IDEA what this means, the word isn’t even in the dictionary, but if you know it’s meaning please give me a shout.

“K” Okay.  Anyone who K’s me does not get any replies from me for a very long time, what form of disrespect is that?  Like are you so busy you can’t even type the word OKAY?

“wtv” Watching Television

These are some of the messages you will receive when you decide to communicate with some people in your contacts list who use WhatsApp.  I find it very fucking annoying that some grown ass person on the other end of the message can sit down and actually type up that shit and send it to the next person.  Like what the fuck?  Whatever happened to actually composing a whole sentence or word that the next person can actually understand.  Now when someone sends you that you have to first try and figure out what they are trying to say.

I have figured out how to deal with people who do this.  IGNORE.  I hardly ever use shorthand except when I am on Twitter because there my characters are limited but what’s the next person’s excuse when you have a whole QWERTY keyboard on your phone which will give you all the letters in the alphabet and you choose to use a select few? I know shorthand is supposed to speed up the communication and get the message across faster but gosh, it has gone completely out of hand.  Why not just send a voice note if you are too lazy to type?imagesThen there are typos.  People have taken sentence construction and grammatical errors to a whole new era you wonder if they are even paying attention to what they are texting to you.  I find it very annoying and it just kills the conversation.  I am one of those people who actually reread the message I have typed out before actually hitting the send button and of course it’s silly of me to expect the same from others but really people will you lose a minute of your time by just double checking what you just sent?

Anyways, the whole reason for this blog is to find out WHY you have become so lazy to type and proofread your messages.  You do realise that this is one of the reasons why people don’t reply your messages right?

P.S It’s still very much acceptable to send a message in your vernacular language.  Let’s not murder English, it’s not a good look!



14 thoughts on “Day 24 – Conversation Killers

    • I am glad someone understands, it really would make a world of difference if people just went with a language they are actually comfortable. We all can’t be English gurus you know!
      Thank you for reading and have a lovely week ahead 🙂

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  1. I fully utilize all the letters on my keyboard lol Shorthand straight up drives me up the wall and if I carry on a conversation with someone who txts lyk dis i mus rly lyk em.

    waal I have sort of gathered means WOW!!!! or something close to that.

    when I see that kkk laugh I read as Kukluxklan

    And lolz what’s that laugh out loud zebras??
    lmaoest? I can’t even
    and K to me is short for Kalium which is aka Potassium on the periodic table if one day you wake up and wonder why we don’t talk, your last message to me was probably K,
    well Potassium to you too *expletive censored*

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  4. K is the bane of my existence 😠
    After all the effort I put into messaging you, A LETTER?! ONE SINGLE LETTER?! 😠😠

    It seems to be getting worse. I was added to a WhatsApp group (sans mon approval)
    And lo and behold, I was introduced to shorthand Shona. After 10 message that came in a chain, I was gone.

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    • K takes the cup, like, who is forcing you to reply, it’s okay to ignore me. I can take ignoring any day, K is a big fat NO!
      You got into the “cei cei” group. Hahaha, sorry to you!


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