Day 27 – My Blogging Style

I have no clue in which category my blogging style falls into.  I am one individual who writes what is exactly on her mind.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but either way that’s how I get my blogging done.  When I started this journey of expressing most of my thoughts online I decided to go through other blogs and see how they were going on about it.  Trust me there are a million and one ways to blog but most of them didn’t seem to speak to me.  I am one of those people who like to read something that is short, sweet and straight to the point.  good-writing-style

However, I was bumping into very long reads that got my head spinning because I easily lost interest.  Once I realised that I told myself my writing style is going to be something my readers can relate to, look forward to and generally short.  There is nothing that puts me off as much as bumping into a catchy blog title that comes with endless paragraphs.  Please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this style of blogging but it is just not for me.  I want to stay captivated by what I am reading so I stick to the short reads because I want to get to other blogs that leave me wanting more.

What’s your blogging style like?



One thought on “Day 27 – My Blogging Style

  1. My style is just whatever haha. You’re right about long blogs though and the short and sweet style is the most effective in everything. It works, it catches attention, and it brings people back (at least the ones who don’t have all day to read one post lol)

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