Day 28 – I Had A Shitty Saturday!


I know someone is going to read this and say “Never say never” but trust me I have thrown in the towel.  I had the most fun on Friday evening when I went out with my friends.  I had less than a six pack of Savanna Dark and I thought I had everything under control.  Was I wrong or was I wrong??!!


I woke up feeling things that I can not even begin to describe.  Who gets fucked up after drinking just ONE six pack?? I was throwing up, my tummy had me running to the loo all morning and part of the afternoon and I had an excruciating headache.  No amount of water drinking, ginger tea, greasy food made me feel any better.  Anything I attempted to eat went straight out of my system.  I found a bottle I had only had a few sips of the night before on the kitchen sink and I poured it down the drain, I NEVER WANT TO SEE, TASTE OR HEAR ABOUT ALCOHOL AGAIN!  I was in so much pain but I couldn’t get myself to cry because after all these were self inflicted wounds.  I took a nap around 2 pm and I woke up an hour later feeling a whole lot better.

I remember sending my friend a message asking him to bring me something to eat (you see how close to death I thought I was) but unfortunately he couldn’t make it but being the darling he can be when he feels like it I know he was going to bring something.  Anyways, back to my melodramatic story; I took a bath, attempted to cook and once I had something solid in my tummy I started feeling a whole lot better.  Later in the evening I took a long walk to get some air seeing that I had spent the greater part of my day in bed trying to get back to normal.  My DJ friend sent a message telling me he was playing at one of my favourite hangouts but I had to turn down the offer because I needed to recover.

downloadBy the time I went to bed I was feeling a lot better but I promised that I WILL NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL AGAIN, add that to my “Things I Will Never Do (Again) Even If You Paid Me.”  I think my body was just telling me that me and alcohol should break up for good, this yoyo relationship must stop.  I finally see the light, I accept it and I shall go forth without it.  I QUIT!



2 thoughts on “Day 28 – I Had A Shitty Saturday!

  1. Lol. This sounds like me a few months ago. And I actually didn’t touch alcohol for like 3 months! But I kinda got over it and had some Soco this weekend 😀 I can’t say I’ll never drink alcohol again but I most certainly have cut down a lot!


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