Day 29 – Where Did My Tears Go?

I used to be such a cry baby.  Everything just triggered tears.  A misunderstanding with my parents, tears, a fight with my downloadboyfriend, tears, pregnancy, tears, heartbreak, tears, watch a sad movie, tears, listen to a sad love song, tears.  I manufactured tears for a living.  However, somewhere along the lines it all stopped.  I think it has been a year plus and I can not get myself to cry.  I am starting to think that something might just be wrong with me.  Either that or maybe I simply grew up and realised that there is more to life than crying about everything that triggers my emotions.

When was the last time you cried and what was the reason for doing so?



6 thoughts on “Day 29 – Where Did My Tears Go?

  1. I never cry because erm men don’t cry, ha! actually I remember the last time I did but I’ll pass on the sharing I will however tell you the last time I almost cried, last week! I fell while out running really really fast, had chest pains but in my knees *don’t laugh it was serial (read serious)*


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