I Thought Today Was Wednesday!

A lot of emotional issues that I can not even begin to divulge have been getting the best of me lately.  You know I am an open book but this stuff is deep and sadly it is consuming me.  I hope I will get to sit down and talk to someone about it before I lose my marbles.  It’s so bad I woke up thinking today was Wednesday, imagine; I lost a whole day and I have no idea how that even happened.


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I think one of the reasons could be that I am spending too much time indoors and it’s time I did something spontaneous. I was thinking I would do some sight seeing on my own come Saturday.  Sometimes you need that right?  I will make sure my phone is fully charged up so that I can take a lot of photos and just enjoy my surroundings.  I hope the heat won’t be too harsh but I have that part figured out.  I will make sure I have ice cold water and juice to stay hydrated.  I will apply lots of sunscreen before I leave the house; wear my big ass sun hat.  Shoot!  I forgot that my pair of favourite sunglasses broke a few weeks ago.  On a totally unrelated issue, am I the only one who keeps breaking their sunglasses?  Do they make shatterproof sun glasses or something (i need to go and buy a pair from there if they do) because I have bought enough sunglasses to last me a lifetime?!

I miss adventure and once I think of the most random place to go I will go and have the best time ever!  Hopefully when I get back I will be feeling as good as new again.

I just need to clear my head and get a lot of things into perspective…



4 thoughts on “I Thought Today Was Wednesday!

  1. Sounds like you need to go for a long walk get lost then find yourself…..
    Shatterproof Sunglasses hmmm idk mine keep getting borrowed and never returned… But then Saturday I predict rain, one looks silly with sunglasses in the rain


  2. Ha ha…i gave up on sunglasses. I also either leave them at places; fitting rooms, people’s cars, shops etc OR I sit on them. Now i just buy a nice looking no name pair and replace it as and when. That gave me a lot of peace.

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    • I am glad I am not alone on this one. Imagine how your heart breaks after you miss a pair or in your case sit on a pair after parting with a bunch of money for them. It is beyond frustrating. For now I will wait a few more weeks to get over my sunglass heartbreak and then buy another pair. Thank you for reading and have a lovely week ahead 🙂

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