Day 27: Dating 101

Here is a list of some of the things I have learnt about dating:


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  • The honeymoon phase does fade.  Of course it starts off just like in the movies but eventually you tire of each other and you have to find ways to spice things up in the relationship.
  • Just because they say they love you, it doesn’t mean they actually mean it.
  • Speak up when you are not happy about something, your partner can not guess what is going on with you.
  • They had a life before you, the past will come knocking on your door one day or another.
  • Not all relationships are meant to last or get you walking down the aisle.
  • It is best to wait to have sex until you are married, that way you have no room for comparison.
  • My mum told me to wait to have sex until I was married, how I wish I had listened to her.
  • You can not try and change someone, if you anything you have to learn to compromise.  Change comes from an individual.
  • Not everyone has to know about your relationship, keep it private, it keeps the magic in your relationship going.
  • You too have faults, while you are ranting and raving about your partners faults, remember he is only human and who knows, he is probably complaining about you too.
  • Do not get into a relationship just because you are lonely.
  • Just because you met him in church does not mean he is of the church.  Sometimes you meet a guy and he is filled with nothing but brotherly love, once you start dating he won’t even set foot in church…See the strategy there?
  • Friends do not always have your best interests at heart.  Make your own decisions on who you want to be with, remember other people might just be jealous of your relationship and looking for ways to sabotage it.
  • There is more to a relationship that earth shaking, mind blowing, orgasmic unforgettable sex.  You have to be able to bring other wholesome things to a relationship.
  • You are an individual, that means you have a life of your own too.  Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you have to abandon your life.  When you enter a relationship the idea is to have someone compliment you not complete you because if you make your partner your EVERYTHING that is where trouble starts.
  • Moving in together is a bad idea. (talking from first hand experience)
  • Stay away from overprotective partners, they eventually turn psycho. Laugh Out Loud.
  • Be with someone who loves you both inside and out.
  • You will have problems along the way, but you have to solve them.  Ending a relationship just because you had a misunderstanding won’t make the actual problems go away.  Chances are even after moving on you will still face the same issues.
  • Pay attention to what your partner says.  Too often you are busy falling in love and not paying attention to the little important details.  For example, your partner may tell you they never want to have children and 5 years down the line you try and convince them you want to have children and they tell you no and you think they are being unfair…you my dear, were not paying attention!
  • Apologise when you are wrong.
  • Never let your partner take you for granted.
  • Do not lend each other money.
  • Be with someone who makes it clear that you are in a relationship, uncertainty about where you stand with someone just complicates an already complicated life.
  • “You deserve REAL love. Confident love. Not uncertainty, indecision, or hesitation.
  • Be in a relationship where you make time to call each other, with all this technology Instant Messaging has become THE thing people have forgotten how special a phone call is.
  • Date someone who takes note of the small but important things.  Like meeting you after work for an hour, planning date nights, a walk in the park, any other activity that gives you both quality time to talk and catch up on each others lives in person.
  • Lastly STAY AWAY FROM THEIR PHONE, for the sake of peace and progress!



16 thoughts on “Day 27: Dating 101

  1. Nice piece! i agree with your last point. dating someone who notices the small, finer things is bliss. he will always have you at heart in everything, cz everything he does and all those times you spend together are always sentimental


  2. Definitely Esy, after all is said and done, everyone needs attention and when you realise both parties are making an effort, it makes dating worthwhile :)P


  3. good list here. It always seems like it’s going perfectly until one of these issues rears it’s head. Like after 1 year of being together every day and the honeymoon phase never fading. Only wanting more of each other. And then discovering an incredible amount of lies that occurred. Dang, what to do…

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    • Thanks for reading through the list. 🙂
      Relationships always start out fine, like nothing can ever go wrong. But i think the true test of any relationship is what you decide to do when all the drama arises.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Realness on levels! These points are so important esp in a time where relationships are is so instant with all these social media platforms. People jump into relationships so quickly without taking time to know each other. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really did and most people don’t even pick up the phone to check up on the person they spend hours chatting away with. It really has become a lonely place.


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