Today I bumped into a Tweet by a guy named Rogers and it read;

Most women don’t know what to do with a man who loves them completely, so they doubt the authenticity of his feelings and then ruin it all.

Maybe I am just scared

Scared the worst will happen

Maybe I am scared that this could be the best thing that ever happened to me

Maybe I am scared this story might actually have a happy ending

Maybe I am scared that he actually loves me


I promised myself I would never fall in love again

Promised I would never feel that emotion in this lifetime

Promised that I never wanted the pain that came with a love gone wrong

But here I am

Maybe I am just crawling back in my shell because I keep thinking this is too good to be true

After being disappointed by the people who meant the most

It is becoming harder for me to enjoy something heart warming

I love but

I am afraid to be loved

And if I keep at it I am going to ruin a perfectly beautiful thing



2 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Don’t allow a past that ruined your hope ruin such available beauty of this moment. I can completely relate to that guy’s tweet and then I see women posting things like “if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve my best” and it’s like screaming out to the world they can be and do whatever and we just have to swallow it and love them for no logical reason lol. (Not saying it’s the case with you.) It’s sad, because I know that person’s future when they can spew such things.


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