Burpee Challenge

Burpee : a physical exercise consisting of a squat thrust made from and ending in a standing position.

It’s a lovely Friday morning.  I went for a sleep over last night at my oldest sister’s place and we caught up on what’s been happening in both our lives for the past few weeks.  We talk on the phone every once in a while but sometimes you need that face to face interaction to really get your thoughts across.  We have our moments when we don’t get along just like most siblings out there but we always work things out and get back to our happy space.  We are currently in that happy space so we make sure we make the most of it while it lasts.  I blame our age gap, she being the oldest and I being the youngest but at the end of the day we both mean the world to each other.  Anyways, she stopped me from doing my morning run today because we slept late and I couldn’t get myself to get out of bed when it was time to go for my run.


MaKupsy at 69 kgs

Which brings me to the heart of the matter.  This week my running has been on a minimum; mainly because my legs have been giving in.  I’m sure they are trying to tell me to slow down seeing that I have been running for a year and a few months now.  I think it’s time I spiced things up a little bit and make room for different exercise routines.  To be honest I am getting bored with my running routes and I think my body has now adjusted so even after running say 8 kilometres I don’t feel like death anymore because my body is just like bring it on, you know you can do better than that!  I have reached my goal weight.  I initially meant to get to 75 kgs and maintain my weight from there but as I type this I am currently 69 kgs.  I have mixed feelings about my weight because minus 69 being a naughty number I feel that maybe now I need to slow down before I become just skin and bone.

Exercising can really get addictive if you don’t manage things well and so I have decided to start on a Burpee Challenge. 30-day-burpee-challenge-chart Instead of clocking in a lot of kilometres of running at the end of each week, I will incorporate this challenge and the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day shred workout and see if I can maintain a healthy and strong body.  I am going to be exercising for the rest of my life so I think the trick will just to keep things as interesting as possible to keep me motivated.  I have decided I will only run 3 times a week and reduce the distances and work on my speed.  This is a trial and error thing so let’s hope I won’t end up losing even more weight because in all honesty, I WILL BE DAMNED!  Weight loss is fun and games until your clothes start looking like you are wearing something you borrowed from someone else and this is a challenge I am currently facing.  Some serious shopping needs to be done next month when I go to South Africa for the Christmas Holiday!

Here is a list of reasons why burpees are an awesome form of exercise.  Please note that I got these reasons from random websites on the internet and just bunched up the ones I liked the most.

  1. Burpees are awesome because they work your entire body.
  2. You can do them in your home, at the gym, in the garden, on holiday; anywhere.
  3. Burpees aren’t just great for helping you to lose fat and build muscle; they can actually help to improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  4. They burn MEGA calories!

download (2)

Are you joining me on this 30 Day Burpee Challenge?  The most burpees I do is 25 and normally feel like I should draft my Will afterwards because death feels like a few breaths away!  It is that tough doing them but I know the results are priceless!  Show a friend or two and we can all get this challenge going, remember the more the merrier.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.



16 thoughts on “Burpee Challenge

  1. I can only do 10 burpees properly before feeling tired, but i will join you in the challenge. Well done by the way on achieving more than your goal…I am still on the path,but the scale has been good, weighed myself recently and i am now on 78.4kgs from 82 🙂 super excited. My goal is also 75kg, for now,lol


  2. burpees feel like a torture method I do three sets of ten but its my own variation of them, a combination of spiderman press ups, with planks as the rest stage, once I get the routine down pat I think I am going to introduce it to the world call it something nifty like The Ultimate Beast Core ^_^

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  3. I have been following your blogs about exercising religiously and started being serious about working out on the 1st of November, i’m happy to say i lost 2.5kg so far , Progress might be slow but i’m happy with it… thank you keep blogging

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    • Awww, I am happy that you have made progress. Congratulations! Thank you for taking time to read my blog, it means a lot.
      Have a lovely day ahead 🙂


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