I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF!! (or maybe not)

I know I am always on that “Miss Independent”, “I got this”, “I can do bad all by myself” tip but man I have days like yesterday evening when I feel all shades of crap!  The downside about staying by yourself is that you get an overdose of me time.  I think it’s time I change my after work routine so that I don’t get bored shitless.  Or maybe I am feeling lonely…who knows; either way because of pure boredom I came up with a list of why it sucks to stay on your own.

  • cooking for one gets boring.
  • eating alone gets boring too!
  • chances of staying in the dark because you can’t reach the light bulb get higher by the second.
  • you forget you can actually talk.
  • it’s generally scary staying on your own because in the event that an intruder shows up what are the chances of getting out alive?
  • you get so used to being on your own so much that when you do have company you want them to go away after a while. (am I making sense here?)
  • you miss human contact (not sex) but just having someone around to talk to, cuddle with, share a meal with or even watch a movie with.  a movie isn’t as much fun if you don’t have someone to hold on to when the scary bits pop up.
  • you have to do everything by yourself, from doing the dishes, to cleaning the house, to replacing stuff that gets broken…the list is endless.
  • all the bills are waiting for you and you alone.
  • that rat that you keep hearing scratching against the door at odd hours will only be gone after you do something about it.  if you don’t that just means it is going to keep eating whatever it can get in the house and grow bigger and then you will have a rat for a roommate. LMAO
  • the heavy lifting of objects has to be done by you and if you are anything like me you will just chill and hope for a miracle to happen and magically move that box to the next room.
  • to be honest I can’t help but wonder if after all these years of staying alone I will be able to live with someone else in my space…
  • lastly, when you get sick no one is there to pamper you and make sure you are okay, if you have had something to eat, taken a bath…you could actually die in your sleep all by yourself and no one would ever notice because you stay on your own and lately people are too cheap to actually pick up the phone and call because they are so busy with WhatsApp.  and not wanting unexpected visitors just makes things worse, i can just picture the headline already “Woman found dead in her apartment after missing for 3 weeks.” THE HORROR!

I know there are a whole lot of reasons why staying on your own is the best thing ever but yesterday I was in a bad space and could only come up with why staying on your own can be such a drag.


2014-12-28 11.37.52

BUT staying alone does improve your mirror selfie game 🙂


11 thoughts on “I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF!! (or maybe not)

    • Oh my, the visitors! It’s like they just don’t stop coming, and to top it all up, you have to make sure you cook and clean up after them. Like why are you they visiting without eating from wherever they came from. LOL. My mum says I am hopeless. Thank you for reading and I am glad you can relate to the post. Have a lovely week ahead 🙂


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