The Place Grill & Takeaway


Before I start, I think these guys still haven’t decided what they want to be named as.  One of their posters reads “The Place Grill & Take Away” and the other poster pictured above reads “The Place Restaurant & Coffee Shop”.  Well, either way they prepare excellent meals and that’s the reason I keep going back for more.  Trust me I am picky, VERY PICKY actually when it comes to what I decide to eat so believe me this is a place you can go and gladly spend your hard earned money on.

You can find them by NSSA Building; Harare.  That’s corner Second Street and Julius Nyerere Way. They are on the ground floor so you definitely won’t miss them.


Now let’s talk more about my lunch go-to place on days when I feel like eating someone else’s cooking.  Do you see the variety they have on their menu?  Unbelievable right, considering most eat out places in town have sadza with chicken or beef as their only options.  I should have taken a photo of the food they prepare but the blogging idea only crossed my mind when I was leaving the place and there were too many people in line to even dare ask to move so that I could take a photo of the meal options.  The other thing I love about The Place is that they have healthy food options and on some days they have a “Salad Bar” option where they sell a variety of delicious and filling salads.


Today I ordered rice, beef stew (I am not a fan of beef but I am so over eating white meat; for now anyway) a green salad and I got the coleslaw from my colleague because I love things.  The meal was orgasmic and it cost me just USD2; sweet deal right?  As I type this I am sleepy, so sleepy I am asking myself why I ate so much food at once!  The portion was just right but maybe it’s the glass of water I had before my meal; who knows?

Next time you are in town pay these guys a visit and see just how mouth watering their food is.  They have friendly and efficient staff as well.  Oh and the cakes!  Their cake slices are to die for but just scream calories but trust me they are worth every bite!

Oh and by the way.  They have a sitting area you don’t have to take your food with you to work like I did.  It comes with an extra USD2 or is it USD3 charge, either way they are crazy.  That’s like another meal right there!  I wonder if they will charge me less if I bring my own chair for the sitting area.

If you want FANTASTIC food, good and fast service all at a very reasonable price then you have to take a trip to The Place.  How do I rate them?  They get 8/10 from me.

Skip the diet; just eat healthy.




7 thoughts on “The Place Grill & Takeaway

    • I hope you enjoy their food as much as I do. I have never been disappointed, ever!
      Thank you for reading and tell me how your experience goes when you decide to give them a try 🙂


  1. I visited this place at Westgate and was very disappointing , the customer service was terrible and the lady serving the food was very rude.Was given cold rice and cold oxtail , upon asking if the meal did not come with a salad the lady told me she cant guess if I dont tell them when I am paying that I want a salad( even though its part of the meal) . The kitchen then asked which salad and the serving lady shouted over my voice YESE YESE!!! Will not recommend or eat here again!!!!


      • Thank you , hope they can have a chat with their front sales people that being rude does nothing for their business. It does not hurt to smile . I am sure the owners have invested a lot in their business on face value …


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