2015 Is Nearly Over!!

I know WordPress has this end of year compilation it does but this year before it comes out I just wanted to share the interesting and heart warming things that I experienced through blogging in 2015.

First of all I achieved my fitness goal and got to my ideal body weight.  I went from 83 kgs last year to 69 kgs this year; feel free to ask me for any tips and advice if you need help in that department.  If you are a regular reader you will notice I go on about health and fitness on my Twitter Timeline A LOT and for that reason I have even decided to name myself Fitness Bae.  A lot of my Twitter followers cheered me on throughout my journey while others also drew some form of inspiration; below are some of their Tweets:

Queen S  u inspired me Ma Kupsy. Its easy for me to just go to gym after work, i could go in the morning but waking up is a hassle for me.

The Consultant  @MaKupsy ‘s body…. GOALS.

Myk   I really admire your drive and motivation. It’s not easy to be consistent.


It feels all shades of wonderful knowing my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle has inspired so many people around me.

This year I also got to feature my blog posts on three different online platforms.

I wrote the post:

  1.  Let’s Talk About Sex for Her Zimbabwe.
  2. That One Time I Thought I Wanted To Get Married for Induna Magazine.
  3. How I Brought My Sexy Back for Distinct Clothing by Tuwe.

And the biggest achievement in my blogging journey was being able to blog for a whole 30 days in the month of September.  You can read all the blogs for that month if you follow this link.

Other online magazines and blogs have invited me to write for them but the rules and regulations that come with it are insane!  PLUS I am not willing to write for them for free, they have no idea how much traffic my blog brings and to give them all that readership for zilch is a non starter.  I would rather write for myself at my own pace and at my own crazy.  A lot of people have told me they enjoy reading my work and unfortunately I can’t include everyone’s comment so I will put just a few.

Tay Tay  @MaKupsy your blog though!!! Some of it is like reading my own thoughts 🙂

Taf  Things you write about are both an eye opener and inspirational.

Heather  MAihwe I loved your latest blog post! I saw it on Facebook, someone shared it as a link! Well done.

Umba  @ullaTKy Ok. Am in love with this blog, just read ‘Butterfly‘. I love her honesty and for allowing herself to be vulnerable like that.

Ursula  #BlackGirlBrag @MaKupsy for her blog!!! Came across it and I felt like this was me, I relate to what she writes about!!!!

You see the lovely thing about blogging is that your work gets to be read from people from all over the world and you get to make new interactions.  There is a Twitter account with the handle @AfroBloggers and if you are a blogger from Africa you will definitely enjoy it especially on Sunday’s when a Curator features for a whole day.


Lastly thanks to blogging and Tweeting you get to eventually meet in real life.  The photos below are photos of some of the people I follow on Twitter and Instagram who came to life. You get to meet Doctors, Engineers, Students, Property Managers, Physiotherapists the list is endless but from every single person you learn something if you are willing to do so.



with @NdiAshton


with @MaiNhiya & @madamkerry


with @Kuda_Chizura

I can’t post the rest of the photos because some people claimed to be “at home sleeping” so photographic evidence will probably get them burnt!



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