Lunch Date

All this social media frenzy will have you talking to your friends and family on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, whichever one is your cup of tea but while you are at it you might forget to actually make time to see each other face to face.  Just yesterday my friend and I realised that we had not seen each other since last year and yet we work a few minutes away from each other.  We decided to meet up for lunch and catch up on what has been happening.


We talked about almost everything from the horrible weather we are currently experiencing.  The heat is unbearable I kid you not!  Just the other day I took three cold baths in one day and that didn’t make things better AT ALL!  We also talked about accommodation and how most property owners have reduced rentals because there is no money in the market and things are tough for most people.  My friend is a divorcee and he has two children so obviously our conversations always venture to children because we both experience the ups and downs of parenting.  He asked me if I will want to have more kids in the future and if you read my blog you already know the answer to this!  I don’t know why but each time people have random conversations the topic of relationships always comes up.  He told me that  he has been getting all sorts of advice as to the type of woman he should marry.

  1. Marry a woman who has never had children.
  2. A woman who has never been married before.
  3. A woman who has one or two children.
  4. A woman who no longer wants to have kids.

He said most people generally said that he should marry someone with a child(ren) because they have been the trials and tribulations of a failed relationship so they will be more likely to stay committed to the marriage.

Do you know what we both agreed after he told me the suggestions.  What matters in the end is that whoever you choose to be with makes you happy.  At the end of the day that is all that matters.  I have realised that we miss out on the greatest love stories because we are busy looking for specific characteristics in a person when the right person for you could be right in front of your eyes.   One too many times you limit yourself, for example; “The person has to go to a particular church, work a certain job, drive a certain car, stay in a certain part of town, have number of children, a virgin…the list is endless.”  But amidst all this we forget to ask ourselves if this person brings out the best in us.  Think about it…

That said, the lunch date went well and it was good to see him after such a long time.  I kept pestering him to tell me about his girlfriend with no luck, I guess he will always be evasive about that area of his life and that is fine, it’s something I have come to accept as a part of him.

P.S. He also follows my blog religiously and thinks I have gone and outdid myself and that I should continue blogging.  What a way to make my day.



8 thoughts on “Lunch Date

  1. Catching up outside social media seems to have revealed a lot more than social media ever would. On the marriage, you are right. It’s all about the person that makes you happy, and brings out the best in you. When those two points are working for your, everything else will seem to fall in place. Glad you found time to catch up. Maybe next time it won’t take so long.
    On the heat…I hear you! It’s so hot now that I keep going to beach after work just so I can enjoy the breeze.

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    • The heat has me thinking that maybe we have to start repenting because only then will the rains come down!
      Lucky you, a beach close by? I have to travel for days on end to get to one, our country is land locked 😦
      And I agree, everything else will fall into place as long as you are both happy.

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