My (Ex) Maid Has Got Some Freaking Nerve!!!

Asi cei musinga dzwisie ndakambo zviita here asi ipo ndinouya munondipawo 600 dolloras.

Let me translate this for my non Shona and short hand from who knows where readers.  That message reads:

But why do you not understand, has this happened before?  Do you give me $600 when I come?

First of all, I HATE DOING HOUSEWORK, especially the laundry bit.  It’s not that I can’t do it, I can, very much so but why should I when someone else can do it for me?  I vowed that 2015 going forward I would not involve myself in any house chores especially laundry and ironing.  In the past I have had this maid come every other month but this year she was coming twice a month at most since the beginning of the year.  I have known her for two years now and we had a perfect thing going on because her cleaning skills are exceptional.  So where lies the problem you might ask?


Let me break it down…

Last week I asked her to come through to clean up my apartment and do the laundry and ironing.  She charges between $10  to $15 or more depending on how much laundry there needs to be done.  We agreed on a figure and she came through.  Unfortunately we had experienced a power fault the previous night so there was no electricity for her to do the ironing.  Before I left I had informed her that in case the electricity issue didn’t get sorted out we would have to make plan B and she suggested that she would show up on Sunday morning to get the ironing done.  Fair enough, I paid her before leaving the house (BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!)  I got home to a clean house as always, laundry nicely done but because there was obviously no electricity the ironing wasn’t done.  Come Sunday morning I sent her a message asking her what time she would show up to which she instantly replied telling me her mother was unwell.  Okay, these things happen, I told her it was okay and wished her mother a speedy recovery.  She suggested she would come the following day and guess what…she did a no show on me.  Me being me, I called to ask why she didn’t show up and she told me she wasn’t feeling well.  (This is when I realised I had been played).   It was only yesterday after I had been patient that I finally decided to call her and ask what was going on and she insisted she wasn’t feeling okay.

NEWSFLASH!! This same “I’m not feeling well maid” called my friend (who I referred her to) to tell her that she would be coming to work on Saturday.  Like the freaking nerve!!  That’s what really annoyed the fuck out of me.  Like really, I have been calling and texting this woman and she has the nerve to lie to me and this is after I have paid her for a complete job.  Man I was livid yesterday!! I was seeing red!  WHO DOES THAT??  I sent her a message telling her that I felt betrayed and for someone I had trusted for over two years she really did a number on me and that’s when her message with all it’s typos and ridiculousness came in.

This maid has some nerve I kid you not!  After all the little favours I have done for her and the people I have referred to her for work this is the thanks she gives me?  The number of times in the past she has texted me to ask if I needed her to come through and I have agreed just so that she can make an extra buck?   And now she tells me it’s not as if I give her $600??  She’s got jokes I tell you!!

Most maids are the same if you ask me.  They are full of shit.  They don’t want you being nice and understanding because they will just take your niceness for weakness.  I think I should start taking classes from my oldest sister.  She has no mercy when it comes to her house help.  She will tell them only one meal all day and give them a whole set of rules.  They always stay longer and don’t give her any headaches.  And here I am with my “You can fix yourself breakfast and make Sadza and whatever tickles your fancy for lunch” and I get fucked in the ass!  Totally disappointed in her and totally pissed off too!!

You would think I don’t already have any other things to worry about now I have to make a plan to get someone to come and do my ironing tomorrow!

Lessons learnt:

  1. Do not pay her the full amount until she has finished doing the work.
  2. Do not treat her like your friend.
  3. Do not use the same maid for too long, she will walk all over you!
  4. I am clearly too nice I should up my game and just play strict.




12 thoughts on “My (Ex) Maid Has Got Some Freaking Nerve!!!

  1. That’s a pretty bad experience. I am very sorry. I tend to have some luck in this department. I have a lady that comes in to do my laundry and clean the house every two weeks, and we have never had any issues. She does a very good job and has the kindest soul. I have worked with her for about three years now. It’s a pretty common thing here and very few people have had problems with the ladies that come in once in a while. It’s the stay at home maids that I have heard people complain about. Hope you have a better experience next time.

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    • Lucky fish! We were having a pretty good thing going until her little stunt last week.
      This side the live-in maids are the worst. I have heard stories of new born babies they have put in pots and boiled to death because their employer has not paid them their monthly salary, the stories are horrific!!
      I hope the next one will be better too, I honestly don’t need that kind of energy in my life at the moment.

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  2. I tend to be on the side of maid given many horrible stories of employers inhumane treatment I have heard and of course I have heard something similar to yours where maids take advantage of someone who is being kind to them – well, it’s her loss, I’d say. She wouldn’t be coming back for a recommendation for sure.

    Hope you are able to find another person that works well for you.

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    • Oh my, maids will give you a hard time even when you are doing the best you can. I was really disappointed considering she had been coming for close to 2 years now. You are right, it’s her loss. Luckily I managed to get someone else to do my ironing on Saturday morning and now I have to make a plan for new help…sigh

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  4. This for me is insightful of where you live. We do not have maids or housekeepersomething in general unless we are old or very wealthy. Not the average home has this. You also have different expressions like lucky fish. Cute.

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    • Really?? So you do all your house chores by yourself, ALL THE TIME? Gosh, I would be really unhappy. But then again if you are already used to it you won’t notice it right? Thank you for reading and I am still trying to get a good and reliable maid with no luck 😦


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