It is freaking hot this end of the world, I can not deal with this anymore!  Walking about naked is actually becoming a very tempting idea but the thought of getting arrested for public indecency and spending the festive season at Central Police Station in Harare is not even part of my to-do-list for the holidays!!!  So we had a party last night, whoop whoop!!


Please note that this is a random party photo from last weekend which I was just dying to use!

Everything was organised, drinks, food, snacks you name it and then guess what, we only got to eat at 10 pm.  Like WHAT THE FUCK?!  This is the thing, my friend had been waiting for her boyfriend to show up for the do and he only showed up at 11 pm.  So the rest of us mere mortals suffered for his delay and only got to eat late which was unfair but who cares right, we are not as important as her man.  I was actually pretty upset about that you would think it was my boyfriend that showed up at that ungodly hour. Let me break it down so that we are probably on the same page of being overly sensitive about this issue.

  1. Her boyfriend knew that she was organising a braai and all he had to do was to show up at a decent hour to at least spend time with his girlfriend and her crew.
  2. Apparently this guy plays basketball and clearly the team would fail dismally without him because he would not be around. (imagine what would happen if he would drop dead) I am not wishing him bad though I am just saying really people he could just miss one freaking day to just be there!
  3. I am still upset at my friend for waiting up for this guy till 11 pm.  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF??  Had the tables been turned I would have sent him a message or called him and told him “Let me see you another day because this is clearly not important to you.”  And I would have been mad pissed off with him for days to come, probably not take his calls, take forever to reply his messages; I know that is very childish but you can’t make a woman wait up for you till that time of day and yet you had the WHOLE DAMN DAY TO SHOW UP!!
  4. He is a dick for pulling such a dick move.
  5. He was supposed to bring a bottle for the party, just one bottle but no, you know what he brought instead, his brother with his girlfriend in tow!  HILARIOUS!!  Who does that???
  6. I am so over people who just allow themselves to have the next person walk all over them and do jack squat about it.  I believe that a true gentleman will pick up the phone and call you and explain why he is delaying and there is no way he will make you wait for so long, “Where the fuck was he this whole time.”  In come my trust issues… I don’t even believe this was still about basketball and yet there was my friend eating this story like chocolate cake!
  7. He clearly does not treat her as a priority and she doesn’t even realise it.

Moral of the story?  I am so upset over an issue that doesn’t even concern me!!

I hope you are having a lovely festive season, I know I am.





8 thoughts on “Unbelievable!!!

  1. It’s good that you would not have a boyfriend that thinks only of himself. No one is taken advantage of without giving permission. Don’t obsess, move forward. Good post, keeping it real.


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