The Heat!


Goodness me, I don’t remember the last time I slept soundly.  Today the weather forecast predicts a maximum temperature of 33 Degrees Celsius.  If you ask me it feels like it has been 40 plus Degrees the past few days.  It is freaking hot this side of the equator!!!  Hot isn’t even the word actually, it’s just so uncomfortable I don’t know what to call it anymore.

I have to wake up at 0430hrs so that I get to head out for my morning run because anytime later the sun will be out and blazing and my energy levels dwindle when the sun is out.  By the time I am normally done with my run it’s anytime just before 0530hrs and it will be already blazing hot!  Whatever sins we are paying for may the gods please forgive us already, we have learnt our lesson and we will stay on the straight and narrow path because this is not on.

Last night in an attempt to sleep better I made a “cold water bottle”.  I froze a bottle of water and then put it next to me in bed. HAHAHAHA Desperate times people, desperate times.  It didn’t work though, it just felt even more uncomfortable.  Then I decided to soak myself in a whole bath tub of cold water for a few minutes.  I felt better for just a few minutes then it was back to the heat.  Sleeping naked is a total waste of time, been there, tried that you can still feel the heat.  Opening the windows just made things worse because mosquitoes came flying in.  Do mosquitoes ever sleep?  This is a genuine question by the way.   I have been contemplating getting a fan but I know I can’t sleep with it on because I know myself and that will just be a recipe for catching a cold.


I drink a lot of water already but now I drink a lot of water with lots of ice to try and cool down but this stuff is only working temporarily.  I have no intentions of going to hell after experiencing this heat on earth.  If what they say about hell being burning hot and I feel like I am being roasted right here and right now then that bus can miss me any day!

I keep thinking if I feel like I am going to pass out any minute at bed time and yet I sleep alone, what about couples?  How are they managing in this heat?  Then there is sex…How do you even get your freak on in this freaking heat?  Unless you have sex in the shower or in the bath tub, that could work.  Actually, I need to put that on my bucket list.

What are you guys doing to help you cool down?  I am in desperate need of ideas.  I have even stopped leaving the office during my lunch break because the heat will just make me feel tired and drained.

This heat is making me really unhappy.



16 thoughts on “The Heat!

  1. I hear you. We are at 33 degrees so I feel you completely. I am forever grateful that I work in a lab, and the machines require certain temperatures, and so the AC at work is always cranked up! I never leave the office once I get there. I carry lunch and eat at work on my desk-not the lab-and sometimes stay at work till 6 in the evening.
    Try this tonight, have a hot shower. I discovered it helps a lot! Hot shower and warm milk are my solutions to sleeping when it gets too crazy.
    Oh, and the fan cranked up to the max speed.

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    • Did you say a hot shower?? I have mixed feelings about that one. I will try it though but the thought of hot water on my skin is a no no! Our office is also cool, actually, cold because the AC guys adjusted it to a temperature so low you would think it’s winter all over again.

      At least you can sleep with the fan on, I would struggle!

      Thank you for the tips Deb 🙂

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      • There is a Swahili sayin-Dawa ya moto not moto-loosely translates to the best medicine for fire is fire.:-). Also, when you shower with cold water, your body reacts by prepping itself to warm you up(pores closing and all), hence you feel hotter after. When you shower with hot water, your body adjusts accordingly. I can’t remember the exact scientific explanation but it’s something like that.;-)

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      • Ohhh, maybe that’s why i feel a whole lot better after a hot cup of tea instead of a tall glass of water.
        Hmmm, you might be onto something here.
        “Dawa ya moto”

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  2. Here it is winter and I have snow in my yard, but when it is 33 or higher in summer what I do is go swimming in the lake which is one kilometer south. I think people in Saudi Arabia drink hot tea not cold drinks and they get extreme heat. What do they drink in places like India? Chai ?


    • Let’s swap just for the next few days. You can have the heat here and I can settle for winter there. Yes, a fellow blogger suggested “dawa ya Moto ni Moto” which translates to “Fight fire with fire” so I gave it a try over the weekend and it worked wonders. 🙂


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