Gossip Is So Tasty, How We Love To Swallow It

That’s one of my favourite Bible verses Proverbs 26 v 22.

I am guilty of gossiping every now and again.  I must admit that it is a terrible habit and that is why I try as much as I can to stay away from it.  You see the thing with gossip is that half the time you talk about things that you don’t have full evidence of.  You just go on and talk about things that are usually very damaging to the next person’s character without a care in the world.

I read this on Twitter a few minutes ago and one of the people I follow Tweeted this:

Dear oomf (one of my followers), 11 years running and am glad you’re still a hoe. Yours oomf.

Please note that I am not attacking my follower but his Tweet inspired me to blog today.

How many times have you heard people say negative things about someone?  Trust me, I do all the time.  I have since come to ask interesting questions when faced with negative talk.  Let’s use the Tweet above as an example.

I would have ideally asked him these few questions to get to the bottom of his allegations.

  • How do you know that this woman is of questionable morals?
  • Have you actually seen her in the act(s)?
  • Why are you even counting the number of years she has been at it?
  • What concern is it to you that she is getting up to whatever she is getting up to?
  • Why are you acting like her behaviour will affect your life in any way?
  • Even if you do have all the evidence in the world what does saying such things about someone else say about you as an individual?

It just puzzles me how men feel the need to police women’s privates.  Whatever she decides to do with her body is completely up to her.  No amount of gossiping about her will change anything either.

I will leave it here for today.



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