Money, Money, Money!!!

Money is a beautiful thing to possess.  I will speak for myself and tell you just how happy I am when I am not broke and can afford most of the things my heart desires.  Money will solve most problems, money will give you the opportunity to travel, you can stay in the plush parts of the city thanks to money, actually money can just about make your life a whole lot better.


Today I want to talk about the lending of money.  Most people say “May you borrow me some money.”  CAN WE CORRECT THIS PLEASE BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER.  It’s “May I borrow some money.”  I am still to find the person who taught people the former!

Here are a few reasons why I think lending money is a good thing:

  • You can help someone who is in an emergency who didn’t have anyone else to turn to.
  • There is a chance people you lend money to will also help you when you are desperate for financial assistance.  However, this is not always guaranteed but it’s worth a try.
  • Help me think of a third reason I am struggling here!!

My list of reasons why I avoid lending money:

  • STRESS!  Do you know the amount of sleepless nights and tension headaches you can get from lending someone money and they start telling you stories about how they can’t repay the money???  I don’t need that kind of complication in my life.  If they tell you stories that’s actually half the stress.  Some will change phone numbers, relocate and disappear from the face of the earth when it’s time to pay back.  In the end you end up looking like you are a nag and yet you are only trying to get your money back.
  • Broken relations.  You can actually stop talking to someone for the rest of your natural life because of money.  If you want to lose friends then try lending each other money and just wait and see.  Of course not all friends are like that but if you ask a lot of people they will tell you they have had bad experiences in that department.
  • Lending someone money can be a huge inconvenience if they can’t pay you back on time and you desperately need to use it.

What bugs me the most about people who borrow money is their lack of communication.  Why they fail to pick up the phone to call and explain why they can’t pay back on time is still puzzling.  Who cares, your reason for a delay in paying back might not even be genuine but at least say something instead of acting like you don’t know you owe someone one money!! 

To cut a long story short I avoid borrowing or lending money.  I have had bad experiences in the past and they have taught me to avoid things that steal my joy.  Now when someone asks me to lend them any money I normally just say I don’t have.  However, depending on how close we are I will probably lend you the money but I have a way of doing it.  Say you want to borrow $50; I will give you $25 instead and then I will just count it as money that I gave a friend.  That way if you don’t pay it back I won’t be suffering from unnecessary chest pains because I know it probably wasn’t going to be paid back anyway and we are still friends and I am not thinking of going to the police to report you for who knows what you will say once you get there. LOL

That’s my money theory, do you have any that you have tried and tested and how is that going for you so far?

Psalm 37:21 The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives;





6 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money!!!

  1. I have lost a very good friend because of money related issues. The trick is to always have enough money to spend for me, and never enough to lend to others when it could potentially end badly.

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    • You see, you just confirmed that lending money can actually not have a not so happy ending. I’m sure you learnt your lesson and next time you will tread carefully.

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  2. Ini hangu I don’t even care ndakanzi ndinonyima because guess what? Ndinonyima lol. My rule is I do not lend and neither do I borrow. I don’t have the patience for the drama that comes with lending people money. People are jus weird. They borrow and then act like YOU are bothering THEM when you’re asking for YOUR money back. Personally I’d be mortified if I couldn’t pay back someone on time! Unotoshaya mafungiro (or lack of) evamwe vanhu.

    And OMg you are so right. WTF is “borrow me”? I don’t even know where people learnt that! Ndovanhu vanoti “bottle drink” ivava 😂😂😂

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    • HAHAHA you just had to add “bottle drink” sha vanhu unotoshaya kuti how far?
      And yes, I too have experienced the drama of not getting your money back and you just wonder how and when trying to give a helping hand could bring you such unhappiness.
      It’s best not to lend or borrow money, it’s safer that way.


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