The Adventures Of Miss Kupsy

My daughter is a handful.  The little girl just won’t stop talking.  She even talks in her sleep sometimes.  I read somewhere that at this age (4) they ask a dozen questions every few minutes and that is so true.  To think that when she was a little baby I always used to wonder if she would be able to talk and now that she does I wonder if she will ever keep quiet.  The one time I actually asked her if she ever kept quiet and she said yes.  The next day she was quiet all morning until I asked her what was going on with her and she said: “But yesterday you said I talk too much so I have decided to keep quiet.”  LOL!

Let me share some of the things she says and gets up to.  I know one day she will read through this and probably not believe it but guess what, this is part of the reason why I blog so that she can go back in time and know the exact details.  So let’s get started.


Miss Kupsy

Two weeks ago I got my monthly’s from out of the blue.  Actually, they were two days early and I had gone to my parents for the weekend and forgot to take my sanitary wear. ( Too much information!!)  This meant I had to make a trip to the store and yes my mini me tagged along.  Once we got to the toiletries department the moment she saw a packet of pads she held them up and asked “Mhamhi aya madiapers ema big girls handiti?” Translation: “Mum, these are diapers for big girls right?”  Sigh, I just said yes and proceeded to the till operator to pay up and we headed back home.  Fast forward to around after supper time.  We were hanging out in her room and she randomly grabbed the packet of “diapers” and started running towards my parents bedroom to show her grandma and grandpa the “big girl diapers”.  I have never gotten out of bed so fast.  I thankfully got to her before she reached their bedroom but just imagine how embarrassed everyone was going to feel if she had managed to get there before me!

Incident two.  My dad forgot to lock up when he went to take a bath.  Miss Kupsy needed to pee and didn’t know the bathroom was occupied.  My dad quickly shouted out “It’s occupied!” to which Miss Kupsy replied “I need to pee.”  My dad told her she had to wait till he finished taking a bath and she went on to complain that it wasn’t fair because everyone gets in when she is taking a bath as well so why can’t she do the same?

On another random day we went to my cousins place to spend the day there.  There are a couple of children her age there so she was on cloud 9.  The one little boy started jumping up and down the couch and you know how parents are like when it comes to things like that.  My cousin kept telling him to stop and he wouldn’t until her husband told him to stop otherwise he would smack him if he continued being naughty.  He went and got a stick outside and pretended like he was going to spank him.  Baaad idea!!  Miss Kupsy started crying.  She thought that she was going to get a spanking as well.  She wanted to go home there and then.  I have never seen her so traumatised.  I tried telling her that he was just pretending but she would hear none of it.

The thing is; I don’t spank Miss Kupsy (yet).  I will occasionally spank her little hands when she does naughty things like scoop teaspoons of sugar and eat instead of having her meals or when she continues to drop her glass of juice on or whatever beverage on my mums carpet after telling her countless times to have her meals from the kitchen.  These little people are something else I tell you.  However, this spanking issue is a story for another day because it will divert the whole purpose of this blog post.

Last incident.  Miss Kupsy was lounging outside with her grandparents on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  My dad went indoors for a few seconds and my mum was falling asleep.  Miss Kupsy was busy playing games on her laptop when she saw a huge snake slither onto the veranda where she and her grandma were seated.  When you ask her about the incident she says that the snake went and coiled itself up right next to the steps that lead into the house.  After a few minutes it uncoiled and slithered back into the hedge close to our neighbours’ house.  She managed to wake her grandma up just before the snake disappeared.  When my mum woke up she asked her why she hadn’t told her that there was a snake to which Miss Kupsy replied; “I thought it was a hose pipe.”  Oh my, children are really innocent little beings.  I am so glad she was not curious enough to get off her chair and go and touch the “hose pipe” otherwise I would be blogging about a completely different story right now.

That’s all I can think of for now.  Do you remember some of the things you got up to when you were a child?  If you have children what are some of the random or unforgettable experiences that you would like to share?

Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.
John Bradshaw




8 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Miss Kupsy

  1. They tell me that I could speak before I could walk, and I did not like to crawl, because did not like to get my hands and knees dirty and one day (way after the time I should have) I stood up and started walking.
    So you can imagine (well I can anyway) that I must have been a handful I would be seating there talking, telling the adults to pick me up, feed me and even speculate on the weather that “nhasi kune makore its going to rain” oh what stories I must have told them and I can picture everyone just watching in awe like child you need an exorcism hahaha actually my granma was strongly of the notion to have me taken to a sangoma for consultations because it was darn freaky.

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  2. My maternal grandfather loved to tell me the story how when I was very young I sprayed him with the garden hose. Although the water was cold he stood there and called grandma to come see, and then she took a picture. Both gone now, so nice to remember how much they loved me even if it got grandpa cold and wet.

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    • Awww it sounds like you had good times with your grandparents. It’s great to know you still remember them and how much they meant to you.
      I hope Miss Kupsy will also remember her grandparents years from today.


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