I Can’t Sleep!

This will be my second week of unhappiness in the sleep department.  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep and it is starting to affect me in a very bad way.  Last night I went to bed at 7pm thanks to an excruciating headache that felt like it was going to pop my eyes right out!  I later woke up around 11pm and couldn’t sleep properly and ended up killing time on TwitterYou would think all the running and exercising I do would at least make me tired enough to pass out like it used to but no, even the evening run I did last night didn’t help matters.



The thing is I am going through something.  I am feeling things that are feeding on my feel good hormones but unfortunately right now I can’t talk about it.  The only thing I can do is find a way to deal with it.  Some days I really wish we had shrinks in this country. (Maybe we do and I’m not aware of them?)  You would just call them up, make an appointment and just let out all your thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

I miss waking up with extra energy and enthusiasm.  I actually miss just going to bed and actually getting to sleep through the night.

I am feeling so unhappy.






7 thoughts on “I Can’t Sleep!

  1. I hear you. I have been going through days where I wish we had shrinks too! So sorry that the insomnia is still holding you captive. Maybe try not to go to sleep so early? I slept at 8pm yesterday but was up by midnight. I just tossed and turned for a bit and at some point, I was sleeping again. But it never works out that splendidly. Hope you sort out whatever is messing with your sleep soon…before your moods get to the darkest places!

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    • At least I am not alone on this one but it doesn’t make me feel any better 😦
      Sleeping early works against me because just like you I end up waking up at midnight.
      I really do hope I can find a way to get past this because it will affect not just me but everyone around me…

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    • Thank you, I will try and do that. Unfortunately I missed another night of sleep because the couple downstairs was fighting for a good two hours 😦


  2. Im no expert but i think just change the normal routine. Movie watching (well can’t remember last time i watched 1 either) or reading. Well, this made me into blogging. I just needed something new after quitting Twitter and Facebook

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