Bring Back My Boobs!

This is too depressing to even talk about but it has to be put out there to ease my stressed out soul.  I miss my big boobs.  Just the boobs and not the rest of the weight that came with having big boobs.  Okay fine they weren’t THAT big but at least they were big enough to show off.  Now my boobs look like little peaches. I can’t even just relax without wearing a bra.  I have gone a whole cup size down thanks to running.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the results of all the hard work I have put in the whole fitness journey but I really wish someone had warned me about the possible loss of my wanna be prized possessions.


Before and After

I wasn’t even wearing a bra in the before picture and on the after I am wearing one and I can’t even see where my boobs are.  Funny! Not so funny…  Oh well.  I guess something was going to disappear after all those crazy distances I run sometimes.  From now on I am going to stick to short distances in case I start losing my bum.  Now if I lost my bum that would be the end of it all.  You have no idea how much I cherish it.  It gives all my clothes a snug fit and without it I wouldn’t have reason to check myself out in the store windows when I walk to work.  Why am I sounding so vain so early in the morning?  It must be the heat, let’s blame the unbearable heat for now.

I wonder if there are workout DVDs that can bring my boobs back? *rushes to Google search*



15 thoughts on “Bring Back My Boobs!

    • Oh my, please don’t say that, 10 other spots doesn’t sound like a good thing AT ALL, well for me anyways. I’m just going to slow down before I end up with no boobs at all!
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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