Look At Those Bodies!!!


I have a habit of going through my phone and deleting old pictures, voice notes and songs I rarely listen to.  Last night the network signal was being it’s usual self and I had no signal on my phone for a good hour and so I decided to go on a deleting spree.  I have no idea how I ended up with this track in my phone and who even sent it to me but it was just sitting there.  I had never listened to it and it one heck of a fire track!!

Then after watching the video I was double amazed.  The way the women in this video have such well toned bodies is out of this world!!  They really look hot!

I can’t wait to go to South Africa man, at least there you can dress however you like.  Try that here and you are sure going to start unnecessary drama for yourself.

I wish I had known about this song a long time ago.  I would have overplayed it till I can’t stand it anymore.  I have a way of killing a good thing right?  All the same at least something good came out of the decluttering exercise and now I have a new favourite song.

P.S Be sure to watch out for the horse towards the end of the video, that horse has some mad skills!

A big thank you to whoever sent me this track, you are awesome!



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