I have heard it all when it comes to people who actually don’t want to put in the work to make a change where health and fitness is concerned.  I normally get compliments from those who have not seen me in a while.  The transformation is very visible and they get all excited and want to join me on the journey.  They ask what I do and how they can also get to achieve their fitness goals.  I help them with tips and then I always make sure I do a follow up to find out if things are going smoothly.  Wait till you hear the excuses that come after I ask…


I will try and list a few that I can remember from the top of head.

  1. This has to be the biggest excuse of all time.  I will start exercising or dieting on Monday.  Why don’t you just start today, or tomorrow?  Why does Monday have to be the day you decide to make a change?
  2. I couldn’t run today because I just got a new hairstyle so the sweat was going to make the hairstyle soggy.
  3. I am broke at the moment so I can’t really focus on exercising.
  4. I don’t have any healthy food options in the house so I will only start dieting once I do my grocery shopping.
  5. I didn’t sleep at my place.  I was in an unfamiliar environment so I will run when I go back to my place.
  6. I can’t run because people will be looking at me.
  7. The sex I had last night was so good that must count for a workout right?
  8. I don’t have nice running outfits.
  9. I don’t like waking up or working out after hours.
  10. It was raining.

LISTEN EVERYONE TRYING TO MAKE A CHANGE.  Excuses will get you nowhere fast!  You have to put in the work.  Nothing good ever came easy.  You have to cut the crap and start working on those goals.  February is already coming to an end and you still haven’t actually done anything about that promise you made to be fit.  Do you need me to come there and get you out of bed?!  I am tired of hearing the above excuses, how are they even going to help you get to your body goal?

Excuses don’t burn calories!!




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