PDA (Public Display of Affection)

My very first boyfriend was the king of PDA! That guy was as possessive as they come; he had this thing he did to make sure no one else would have any interests in me whatsoever.  He made sure he would hold my hand ALL THE TIME when we were walking, he would kiss me goodbye without fail and he was one of those guys who always wanted to hear the “I love you” at the end of a conversation.  To be honest I hated it back then I just thought it was highly unnecessary but over time I grew to like it and I ended up being the one stressing him out for PDA.


Fast forward to present day.  I strongly believe that lips were made for kissing.  If you aren’t using them for such a breathtaking experience then I honestly don’t know what you are doing in this life. I know for a fact that I will never say my goodbyes with my boyfriend without slipping in a light kiss on the lips.  No groping or anything too dramatic for me though, just something light enough to linger long enough to make you smile for the next few minutes after we have gone our separate ways.

I observe couples when they say their goodbyes. (yes, I know I need a new hobby)  In the mornings I can tell which couple is still new, has been in a relationship for a while or is married.  This is how I differentiate them.  I could be wrong of course but they is my own little personal theory.

  1. The fresh in a relationship couple will say goodbye a million times over before actually going their separate ways.  They will give each other a warm never ending hug and sometimes a longish kiss then eventually let go off each other and get on with their day.  If they are in a car you can tell by the way the guy can’t keep his hands off her drumsticks also known as thighs. He probably can’t get enough of her because you know what they say about new found love…
  2. The relationship that has been going on for maybe a year plus will just give each other a second long hug or a peck on the lips or cheek and then off they go.  Usually taking out their phones and chatting away with whoever is online because they probably had their phones on silent the whole time.  It’s not a fact by the way, it’s just me assuming these things and maybe I have done this myself but we will never know now will we?
  3. The married couple.  This one just says bye, or not.  You can easily spot this couple from a distance because PDA probably doesn’t live here anymore especially if they have been married for years.  I have seen a few though who still kiss goodbye but those are rare.  Just this morning I was telling my colleague that he probably doesn’t kiss his wife goodbye because he probably has a girlfriend who works within the same building who he tells that “My sister drops me off in the morning.”  So now if he is seen kissing her he will lose the girl.  Funny!   Anyways, he said they don’t kiss because kissing ended on the day they said their I do’s.

That said, what’s your take on PDA?  How will you resolve things if you find out early on in your relationship that your partner was really not into it but it was one of your favourite things to do?

Is it a deal breaker or not?

So many questions…





26 thoughts on “PDA (Public Display of Affection)

  1. Lol true…i still remember this one time i was kissed just a few seconds before i hoped into a kombi and the hwindis were like ava 1)vachangoroorana ava
    2) murume wacho anenge ane mari, if usina mari unokissirwei, mudzimai anenge achitoti go look for money kwete zvisina basa zvaukuita izvi
    They were wrong but i couldnt object since i was pretending to be busy listening to something in mt earphones

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  2. I’m not a fan of PDA. I avoid it. At all costs. I don’t know hey.. But I’m very uncomfortable with the whole act. I’m more of a private person so I prefer kissing in private pecks too. Lol.

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  3. I still hold my wife’s hand when we are walking. I hold a door for to go first, and a little kiss goodbye no matter where we are. Life is just better when she knows she is a priority to me. I am retired so now I can surprise her at work by bringing her lunch or just a latte. I enjoyed the post as it was interesting and I people watch also.

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    • Awww man, that is really sweet! I wish most guys would read this and realise just how important it is to be with someone who never lets you wonder if you still matter, that feeling is priceless and your wife is lucky to have you. 🙂


  4. Interesting. I am in a new-ish relationship but we do not really do PDA. The most we do in public is hold hands or maybe he puts his arm around my waist. We work in a very conservative organisation in a small town, so we really need to keep it in. However, behind closed doors… 😉

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