Miss Kupsy Goes Swimming

We spent the day with my oldest sister and she was the camera person for the day.  Miss Kupsy adores her and calls her Big Momma.  That’s the two of them below, one of their favourite things to do is eating so you understand why they probably get along, A LOT.




Big Momma & Miss Kupsy


After lunch we proceeded to the next activity that was lined up for the day.  I have never seen my daughter so thrilled about an activity.  After so many bribing attempts I finally got her to agree to go swimming.  I think Saturday will be her highlight for 2016.  She loved every second of it, what with the screaming, splashing and dipping herself in water.  At first she didn’t like the idea of getting her hair wet but eventually she just went with the flow.



I actually thought she was going to be scared of the water but not Miss Kupsy, she got to the baby pool and jumped right in.  I think I will be taking her for more swimming outings and this time actually teach her how to swim.  I have so many baby photos of myself in the pool, my love for swimming has been around for a while and I hope my little funshine will also adopt it.


After a while I wanted to do a few laps in the big pool and asked her to stay behind in the baby pool while my sister watched over her.  Would she even hear any of it?  She wanted to join me and nothing and noone was going to change her mind!  I have never seen such a strong willed little person…I wonder where she gets it from.   Anyways, that’s her chilling on the floater like a little boss lady, right in the deep end as if she can swim to save her life!  We had fun, a lot of it and we will definitely do this again before schools open.


What did you get up to over the Easter Holiday?






5 thoughts on “Miss Kupsy Goes Swimming

  1. She’s adorable. Its good that she learns early. Maybe she will be the next Olympic gold medallist in swimming for Zim 🙂

    I spent my whole weekend at work :(. But we did have a braai with colleagues on Sunday.


    • I pray so too, she is destined for great things that lil human being of mine.
      I hope you enjoyed every bite of the meat, meat is everything 🙂
      Pity you had to work during the holidays though..


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