10K Goal Complete!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning.  I woke up today and told myself that I was going to run 8K and make my way back home.  This was my first run of the week.  From Monday till Wednesday I had been concentrating on indoor workouts which comprised of Zumba, Metabolic workout and an everyday challenge that focuses on getting toned abs.  I think this actually contributed to my endurance levels this morning.

My first 10K run was in March 2015 which is one year ago.  You can see the distance and pace in the image below.


It took me a whole 1 hr 16 mins to complete it and I remember telling myself that I would work on running 10K in under an hour.  Back then I thought I was being insane given that I had only started running for few months but by now my readers already know I am seriously dedicated to my running goals and once I put it out there especially on Twitter or on my blog the pressure to actually live up to my word is real!

And so today instead of the intial 8K I decided why not just add 2K and see if I can actually make it happen.  Guess what?  I did it!!  However the run had a couple of uphills and that slowed down my pace a bit but it’s okay because as long as I kept telling myself I couldn’t afford to run 6 mins per km AT ALL!

Screenshot_2016-03-31-06-37-20.pngFrom a pace of 7″14/km to running at 5″50/km I must say that is the most impressive throw back I have ever witnessed in my life!  This just shows that consistency is key.  If I had decided to stop this running addiction of mine I would have probably never managed to complete a personal goal.  When it comes to running I make no excuses, I go out there and run the distance, work on the pace, burn the calories and above all else make sure I get some rest days because those too are important as the exercise itself.

If you are just starting out on your running journey just know that anything is impossible and only YOU can make it happen if you just stay #AddictedToFitness


Have a lovely day ahead.  I am off to have fruit and lots of water, I need to eat something before hunger strikes!



11 thoughts on “10K Goal Complete!

  1. I feel like this is a good time to point out I did my 10k at 3.52/km….., but i found Jesus these days.
    Congrats though, your persistence is awe-inspiring, I no longer run anything more than 5ks these days, my bones just can’t take it anymore

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    • Thank you Stunt. I think I remember the day and I even remember telling yout hat you are insane! My goal pace is 5″30 and once I get there I will be content with any further progress.
      I was doing 5K runs the most part of March and that’s why my total runs added up to 70K unlike the normal 100K + I normally clock in.
      Thank you for reading hey and my persistence is a sign that I need more new hobbies really. LOL


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