I too am tired of always being told to always be strong as if I went out and made a baby on my own. I am actually working on a post where I will name and shame him. I know it won’t have much effect but it’s high time men started being responsible. The funniest part is that these very same men want to show up when the child is grown up and where the girl child is concerned, just when she is about to get married. LIKE WHERE WERE YOU ALL HER LIFE? Fuck Absent Fathers indeed!


I need to get one thing clear…I am not one of those women who will protect a man’s sins. I am one of those women that will name and shame you.


It is often said that to protect our children, we should not show our anger towards their absent fathers. How exactly does this protect them? When all it does is enable this man to continue with his absenteeism?

Unlike all you ‘mature’ people….I believe he should be held accountable for his actions.

Patriarchy is a wonderful thing in that we are all socialised in a way that teaches us to protect men…even when they are wrong. When men behave badly we have been taught to keep quiet, whereas when women do the same, they are followed by a slew of insults.

Children need their mothers….and fathers. Unless a woman chooses to go to a fertility clinic, then she…

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4 thoughts on “FUCK ABSENT FATHERS

  1. Hmmm These men. aha. I saw a scenario where dude goes to complain that she wont let me keep the child but nigga wont pay for food, clothes, school fees nada. he just thinks a child will fend for himself. Dude disappears when its time for visits. stupidity really. I wish i could slap the grin off his face. But one day. One day he will explain to his grown up child why he did what he did. Idiotic. so Shame him. Tell us his name so that people know. we shall repost. and share it.

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