I was having a lengthy chat with one of my blogger friends who has turned into a real life friend the other day on WhatsApp.  She was telling me about how she was feeling overwhelmed at the moment and it made me realise we share the same sentiments when it comes to personal space.

I am one of those individuals who when faced with a bunch of personal struggles I simply shut down from those around me.  You will find me all active on Twitter, Instagram the works, but you will rarely find me chatting away on WhatsApp.  It is something some people might consider a weakness but for me it is something that I have accepted to be a part of me.  Sometimes all a person needs is some time out to try and figure out what the next move should be to make life more manageable.  Unfortunately most people take this the wrong way and automatically assume that your silence means that they have done something to you.

The thing I find the most annoying though is when you do decide to tell someone that you are going through something and you are not yourself they can’t seem to discern that downloading their personal problems to you at that particular time is not a very grand idea.  Most times when I am in that phase I do not have the capacity to deal with anything else.  Does this make me a bad person?  I wonder…


My advice to you if you have friends who are anything like me.

Give someone the space they need.  Allow them to gather their thoughts and please rest assured that their silence has absolutely nothing to do with you.  Please do not take it personally.  When someone is good and ready they will reach out but until then continue to live your life, try as best as you can not to be too consumed by why someone is too quiet lately, people are busy with this life thing, you should be doing the same thing.

P.S. People deal with stress and trauma differently, please keep that in mind.



12 thoughts on “S_P_A_C_E

  1. This makes a lot of sense.

    But I think it’s difficult to figure out whether or not the individual is upset with you especially when he or she is tight-lipped. So it’s only normal to feel unwanted or at fault for something.

    Do you think such a feeling is warranted in such a situation?

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    • Yes it is, but depending on how close you are and how long you have known each other it will be easy to know when something has nothing to do with you. It’s complicated I know but as long as we embrace that we are all different it makes life easier, I hope?

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  2. I’m like you. Personal space please humans stay away. Lol. But really no matter how many times you explain this they will still come in and dump their lives on you. So I just learnt how to accommodate people in the end. No matter my struggles I willl help another through theirs and continue with mine. Coz they take it personal that you want personal space. Greedy though. lol.

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    • Trying to balance your own struggles and the next persons struggles at the same time is a real mission but it is worth a try. At least there are more people like me who just need that personal space every now and again, I’m glad I am not alone 🙂

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