It’s Called FAMILY PLANNING For A Reason!

Family planning refers to the factors that may be considered by a couple in a committed relationship and each individual involved in deciding if and when to have children. – Wikipedia

Last night I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I had the strangest sexual dream ever, I can’t even blog about it it really spooked me out.  Unfortunately I was too spooked to go back to sleep so I stayed up tossing and turning and then had a light bulb moment and today’s blog post was born!

I was just thinking of how amazing sex is, how satisfying it can be, how an orgasm can give you nothing but feel good hormones and have you glowing for days on end and how unprotected sex can get you pregnant if you are not on any form of contraceptive.


In our culture most women I know got pregnant as a plan to get their boyfriend to marry them.  It has worked for most but for others the plan has failed dismally and left them without plan B.  I could not help but wonder how many couples actually sit down and talk about planning for a family?

Let me share my two cents on this issue.  I honestly think that if a whole human being is going to be brought into this world then the individuals involved must talk about this at the start of their relationship.  Discuss openly if you two want to have a child(ren), if yes, when it will be ideal for both of you and what methods you will be using to prevent pregnancy until such a time you are both ready to go forth and multiply.  Alternatively if you both decide you don’t want to get pregnant then you must have a plan in place for a long term method to avoid disappointment.  Unfortunately family planning methods are not 100% effective so you should also be able to decide what will happen in the event that the methods fail you.

I still think that even when you do get married you and your partner should discuss this topic strongly because some women in our culture are in the habit of falling pregnant as and when they feel their husband is straying and try to get him to stay home.  I say this because some women have told me this themselves and I don’t think it’s a wise idea.  A baby needs you to be emotionally, financially, physically and other forms of ready; you just don’t drop the “I’m Pregnant” line from nowhere especially when you know things are not okay in all fronts.

Babies are expensive and it’s raising them is not a walk in the park.  Just the other day I was calculating how many years of school fees I have left and how old I will be once I am done in that department and it just gave me another reason why I should not have another child.  You will get to age 65 and still forking out money for school trips when all you want to do is retire, rest and go on a nice weekend getaway.

On that note I would like to find out from you…

  • Do you want to have children?
  • Are you on any form of contraceptive method?
  • Do you think falling pregnant to try and get hitched is a wise idea?



5 thoughts on “It’s Called FAMILY PLANNING For A Reason!

  1. I want to have kids. At the right time.
    I’m not on any kind of contraceptive because I’m not engaging in the act.
    Those silly girls who get pregnant just to trap a man. Hahaha. Those days of when such things worked are gone. It’s pretty idiotic because there you will be with a child you never planned to have in the first place.

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  2. Hmm……I want children but this is something that is possibly going to be delayed due to other things being more important to me i.e., career, travelling and in the ideal event the children come after marriage, then I’d like to enjoy a marriage with just my husband for a period of time before multiplying.

    I am not on contraception because celibacy!! Most contraception but condoms cause me adverse side effects i.e, weight gain, which I’d rather avoid.

    Pregnancy, kids, contraception are things that I discuss ASAP in the relationship. If we are gonna lay together then we must be prepared to at least discuss the consequences.

    Now to the main course……..I think falling pregnant to keep a man is the dumbest idea ever. Again, I will repeat, if something is meant for you, it will be – children or no children! Likewise, if it is not meant to be, YOU CANNOT MAKE IT STAY, no matter what you do!! Women should stop being stupid and only bring kids into a r/ship when it is right.

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  3. I am hoping to have kids with my man. We even have a timeline to get pregnant in Dec although we can even make it work now. I am not on any contraception atm, I was on the pill but it messed me up. Getting preggo to get married is pointless. Marriage should be coz you are willing to get old with your person.

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