Why Do Ex’s Do That?

You know how you get into a relationship and things are going so smoothly and you have this one, two or whatever thing that makes you two break up and decide to move on?  Once you two go your separate ways there are some instances where you both feel that you still love each other and you actually want to be together but neither of you acts on it because of pride issues.  I remember once saying I would never get back with an ex boyfriend, you can read all about it here but over the weekend I got inspiration to blog more about it.


Let me tell you more about this ex boyfriend of mine, in the blog post I wrote sometime back he is the second ex.  We had a special connection, he was actually my soul mate.  Well, we believed we were each others soul mates.  Even after things went sour between us we still continued to work on our friendship but sometime last year he got married.  That’s round about the time I decided that it was time to cut communication between us.  I was happy that he had found love but that also meant there was no chance we could be together.  However, I didn’t tell him about going quiet I just went missing in action.  Ghosting is for weaklings I know but gosh it hurt knowing that someone I thought was my soulmate was actually going to get married just cut right through me.  It took months to finally get over it and I could stalk his social media page without getting any aches and pains within my heart. That’s when I knew that I was ready to resume communication with him.

He has this thing of calling me randomly or sending a message when he sees something that reminds him of me, or listens to a song we both used to like or one he thinks I will like.  A few weeks ago he sent me a message telling me that he still feels something for me.  I won’t get into detail about what he said, it’s nothing sexual so you can get your mind out of the gutter, but he was just expressing his feelings towards me.  I was shocked because it came from out of the blue and I sincerely felt that chapter had been closed.  I was honest with him and told him I no longer felt anything for him and that that ship had long since sailed.  It was probably not the answer he was expecting to hear…However, it got me wondering that if he really felt this way this whole time why did he not fight for our relationship back then so that we ended up together and not with other people?  Why do people do that?  Let go of something you know you truly want and then years later start hoping and wishing?  If I was the one then why did you not do any and everything in your power to save our relationship then?  It’s too late, it’s water under the bridge.


I am in a relationship now, a happy relationship too and I have no plans of introducing drama into it. (But talking to him is already drama in itself). That said, the last time we had a conversation was the last time we will be in touch unless we bump into each other which is highly unlikely because he is far away.  I have no intentions of getting dumped over issues that can be completely avoided.

Motive of this story?   If you can help it just stay away from your ex.






One thought on “Why Do Ex’s Do That?

  1. I feel there are moments when pride mislead us in a relationship. Just to say “sorry I feel I love you more this misunderstanding” is hard to get from either part. This has created so many ex’s since when you are in a new relationship the feeling for the ex becomes strong again. With that you can not commit to the fullest again.
    Thanks for the lessons I wish it can be taken as is by all.

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