Africa Day!

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), presently recognized as the Africa Union (AU).  You can read more Africa Day from here.


I will be honest with this one.  I am just so freaking happy that today is a holiday and I get to be away from the stresses of everyday life for just this one random Wednesday.  However, with all the excitement I still have no clue what I am going to do with my day.  I was thinking I could do one, two or all of the following today.

  1. I can go and visit my cousin and finally see her new born baby.  She will be a whole month old soon but I haven’t had time to see her bundle of joy because she stays really far away so I will have all the time to make the trip to her place and back to mine.
  2. I can also go and see my friend who I haven’t seen in ages.  This adulting thing can really make you lose touch and never have time for face to face interactions.  I could actually kill two birds with one stone here.  See my friend first then my cousin later..hmm
  3. I can spend the day glued to a TV Series.  Seeing that I am up to date with Reign (Queen Mary is really pretty by the way!)  I need to figure out what else I can get myself hooked onto.
  4. I can make myself useful in the kitchen and try out a new recipe.  I haven’t had T-bone Steak in forever and if anyone has any juicy clue on how to prepare it differently please do share.
  5. I can spend the day reading blogs and working on the blog posts I promised a few people
  6. I can sleep all day long and probably get a headache from oversleeping while I’m at it…okay, that idea won’t fly.
  7. I can spend it drinking Vodka and making dumb decisions while I’m at it.
  8. I can run 20K just to see if my body will let me get out of that one alive.

Whatever option I choose to go with I just have to remember that I have to be at work tomorrow morning so I can have fun but not too much of it.  Sigh

If you have a holiday break today, what have you planned to do with your day?




5 thoughts on “Africa Day!

  1. I have a bottle of cheap whiskey, which I shall not mention, I have already done my morning jog, so I shall sip some of this as I watch, Captain America, and Superman vs Batman downloaded them last night, and with one eye read blogs while watching TV … drunk comments alert…. oh and then find a flag and write a mild protest past
    Happy holidays

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    • Good Morning, How was the Two Keys. LOL. You know we don’t rate that on Twitter right? I am glad you had a great day and a well deserved break.
      Let me find my way to your blog, it’s been a minute.


      • I could have sworn I did not disclose the name of said whiskey beverage I was imbibing hahahahah but I will tell you that it is on special at certain retailers and and comes with a glass tumbler whoop whoop.
        PS Twitter standards are ungovernable


  2. It was a well spent day at home with daughter (4yrs) full of ECD songs and rhymes from her. I realized how kids enjoy time with their daddies showing them that am growing up. Otherwise it was a happy Africa Day!

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