About Last Night – NetOne One Fusion

Last night I attended the launch of a NetOne Cellular product, One Fusion.  You can read all about the product here.  The one thing that caught my attention about the product is that it offers Loyalty Cards and when you’re a card holder, you enjoy discounts when you buy from the selected partners.  I only heard News Cafe, Pablo’z and African Sun because I like things but there is a whole list of other partners that were mentioned.  Oh yes, the crowd also suggested they partner up with Fly Emirates as well.


Now let’s get to the fun part.

  • The decor was breath taking.  It’s a pity I couldn’t take the flowers with me they were so pretty!
  • The dress code was black with a touch of orange.  Most people were looking absolutely stunning except a few who decided to wear winter boots, ponchos, winter tights and scarfs.  Like what in the world were they thinking?  It was a red carpet event for crying out loud!
  • The finger food was delicious.  There was a choice of  prawns, fish and chips, chicken curry n rice,mini burgers,vegetable wraps, drumsticks then chicken kebabs I suspect were dipped in peanut butter because they tasted terrible.  I will give it to them though, their service was swift and the food presentation was top class.
  • There was an open bar.  You could drink any and everything that tickled your fancy.  I chose wine and today I feel just how much of a terrible decision that was!  Thankfully no one got drunk, how embarrassing that would have been.
  • We got goodie bags that had a selfie stick, $10 worth of airtime, a NetOne sim card and you got to register it there and then.
  • There were smart phones to be one by the person who Tweeted the most and I was one of the top 3 top tweeters for the evening.   DanaiRabison and I.  Danai pictured in one of the photos below won the phone.  She rigged though, because it was past her bedtime.  LOL


  • Lastly, we got to network.  I met some of the people I interact with on Twitter and that was an awesome experience.

MaKupsy with @rabisonshumba


MaKupsy with @mama_danai


MaKupsy with @iMisred


MaKupsy with @Flevah

It was one eventful evening and I should dial *400# and get started with #OneFusion




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