Imaginary Bae

I started off my morning on a very busy note so I couldn’t get a moment to blog.  You see, one of my co-workers is on leave for the next 2 weeks so I am job shadowing.  It’s a wonderful experience but I have days I get overwhelmed like today but I’m here now so let’s get to it.


I have had so many conversations with my girlfriends about relationships over the years and in the end we all agreed that it is easier to build your own boyfriend because we were clearly getting a raw deal when we chose our boyfriends.

Let me build my “imaginary boyfriend”:

  • He likes taking long walks in the park at the end of a hectic day. Hand in hand we talk and update each other on the day’s events.  He is tall, big and strong so every time I am lost in thought he sweeps me off my feet as I kick and scream telling him to put me down; but I really don’t mean it because I like it when he does that.
  • He surprises me with a bunch of flowers on a random Tuesday morning. I wake up to a knock on my door and there you have it, fresh cut lilies.
  • He is so breathtakingly handsome. Each time I see him or think about him I can’t help but smile because he has a smile like no other.
  • He spoils me with random acts of kindness.  All my friends know that he is the type of guy who will tell me to call all my girlfriends and we have a night out on him.
  • He cooks.  Not that boiling eggs type of cooking, the real actual meal you can sit down and both enjoy.
  • He is hands on around the house and we don’t need to call in a plumber or electrician because he will try and fix something himself first before letting anyone else do it.
  • He has a good heart.  When I am under the weather he will either constantly check up on me or take time out and spend the day with me and nurse me back to good health.
  • I don’t have to ask him to do anything for me.  He does things because he can and not because I can’t.
  • He understands that some days all I want is a night of cuddles with him and a good movie.
  • He gives me the most amazing sex, the earthshaking and bed breaking type and plenty orgasms too.

Unfortunately he doesn’t exist because you can never get all those qualities in one person.  Life has a sense of humour like that.  However you can accept your boyfriend or girlfriend as they are because my darling, no one is perfect.

So do tell me, what’s your “imaginary” boyfriend or  girlfriend like?




12 thoughts on “Imaginary Bae

  1. As I got to the last bit about how “he doesn’t exist”, I realised I have him in I guess somewhere out there this imaginery bae does exist for everyone.


    • Shaa I won’t even comment on this because I will just be jealous for days! LOL.
      You should count yourself lucky, many don’t ever get to meet him in this lifetime.


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