There Is A Real Person Behind That Twitter Handle


I love Twitter, I really do. The football banter. Tweeps discussing tv shows, the endless jokes, the funny videos, the memes oh gosh the memes are always funny. The constructive conversations where we all actually learn something new. I love it. However there’s a side to Twitter I absolutely loathe and that’s the constant trolling, twaring and not forgetting the mob psychology mentality that is ever so prevalent on the Twitter streets.

Last week this side of Twitter was working overtime. Every single day there seemed to be one twar after another or someone being trolled. There was one particular conversation that caught my eye. I logged onto Twitter on Friday morning and quite a lot of people on my timeline were talking about this one girl. She was called all sorts of names which I shall not repeat. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I don’t know the girl so I just scrolled past. It was only much later in the evening when this girl returned to my timeline and this time I paid attention.

A Twimbo I follow retweeted some this girl’s tweets. Bottom line a picture of this girl with no make-up was posted on Twitter and tweeps went crazy trolling her. My heart broke as I read her timeline especially some of the mentions she retweeted. Tweeps were really nasty. One particular tweet caught my attention when she spoke about how the week before one Twitter user wished this girl would get raped. She then stated how tweeps laughed at this tweet and some even shared the same sentiments. Now I don’t know this girl, had never heard of her before this incident but one thing I do know without a shadow of doubt is she is a real person with real feelings.

If there’s one thing I would like this side of Twitter is there’s a real person behind a Twitter handle. That’s right, there’s a real person behind that Twitter handle you troll, a real person with real emotions, a real person who hurts just like you do. You see before you jump onto that mob psychology bus and troll someone just because the whole TL is doing it, ask yourself how would I feel if the tables were turned? Ask yourself how would I feel if the entire timeline was trolling me and calling me all sorts of names and wishing me harm? Imagine yourself being the victim. It would hurt right, hurt a whole lot and hurt real deep too. Imagine tweeps who don’t know you, who don’t know what you’ve been through, who don’t know what you go through daily trolling you and making nasty comments about you simply because they can or that’s what everyone else is doing on the TL. That stuff would mess with someone’s emotions. Contrary to sticks and bones may break my bones but bones will never hurt me, words DO actually hurt.

Before you troll someone, remember there’s a real person behind that Twitter handle.


  • Trolling: Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.
  • Twaring: To have a war of words with someone over the social networking site Twitter (or various other apps. that support it).
  • Twimbo: A Zimbabwean with a Twitter account.
  • Tweeps: Any person with a Twitter account.
  • TL: Twitter timeline.

By Colleen


I blog at Life Through The Disability Lens.


10 thoughts on “There Is A Real Person Behind That Twitter Handle

  1. This is soo true and for this reason I’m drifting away from twitter everyday, we need more love on the TL people to be humane towards each other. Instead of trolling each other on a daily basis people can engage in more fulfilling conversations, don’t let one or two bad bad apples ruin the whole basket and get tangled in wars that have nothing to do with you. Great post

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    • Thank you for reading Melinda and I hope you got to share this piece with as many followers as you could think of. We need to use social media for progress. There is nothing wrong with entertaining ourselves at the same time but we should remember where to draw the line when things get out of control.

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    • That is ine of the reasons why i quit Facebook and Twitter all together. Not that i have been a victim but there are times you need to be in the right place with the right people.

      The amount of energy wasted on twar and trolling doesn’t help me in anyway. Even watsapp groups its a no no. Handiite zvema groups. We all got something to teach each other. If those groups could transform into business I’m sure a lot would benefit. But no. We comfortable in the wrong things. Sinking in our comfort zone.
      Im not the kind of person who would smile because someone is being bullied. I might be forced to join in and defend. Before you know it you are in and can’t get out.

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      • “The amount of energy wasted on twar and trolling doesn’t help me in anyway.” you said it…so so true! I just wish all that energy was spent on doing something constructive and it seems like the trolling is just getting worse.

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  2. Social media has an ugly side, that’s for sure. Its become a platform for others to bully those that they do not like; for valid reasons or not. I like how ThickLeeyonce fought back and refused to back down, or phased out by this whole spectacle. Her confidence shone through and i hope her experience helped other young girls to learn to stand strong against body shaming etc.

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