Why I Will NEVER Leave My Main Chic

Ever wondered why he will have a side chic or two but NEVER leave his wife or main chic?  I asked a couple of guys and this is what they told me…



  • It is happy ever after for me so there is no backing down.
  • In her I have made a heavy emotional and material investment that I just can’t walk away from.
  • Mainly because I would need a lawyer and would lose half my shit!
  • I don’t see my side chic as an equal or replacement.
  • Most men easily get distracted but the distraction doesn’t last forever, I stay with my main focus.
  • She has been tried and tested and proven to be loyal.
  • It’s really simple for me, I love my main chic and luck for my side chic.
  • My main chic is someone who is a constant challenge with drive but also respectful towards me through the good and bad times.
  • My wife is deeply committed to me and loves me for me and not for the material things I have.  We have come a long way.
  • I made her my best friend, how could I possibly live without her?
  • She completes me, she is the yin to my yang.




6 thoughts on “Why I Will NEVER Leave My Main Chic

  1. nothing but facts only panapa. Gaya the effort and investment I have put in kuti zviite, time, monetary, emotional. Main is the car, you rely on, kumusha, mutown, mumapothole, your twincab, tuma side chick ka sports car, heavy maintenance, low usefulness but anombosparkawo here and there. But u would never sale the twincab for the sports car.


    • OMG well said, that car example is on point! And I agree no person in their right mind would want to leave the perks of a comfortable and affordable ka for a high maintenance one that usually comes with stress!


  2. If this comment gets posted successfully trust me I’m celebrating. LOL. The age old debate of side chick vs main chick. You’ve laid it out perfectly. They never leave their wives or main chicks! And those that dare to do it always end up regretting their decision. Food for thought for all the side chicks out there.


    • NEVER EVER because home is where the heart is, the main chic has his heart and chances are that will never change. Here is hoping a lot more side chics remember that. He always goes back home.


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