Hiking In Domboshava

I went hiking for the first time yesterday and had the best time ever!  It was just a few weeks ago when I Tweeted that I had never gone hiking and fate would have it my tweind Linda sent me a link to a hiking do that was going to take place soon.  I got all the details for the hike and started my hiking count down.

Yesterday morning I got up, ran 4km did 100 squats (I’m doing this 100 squats a day challenge for the month of July) took a bath, prepared something to eat and got ready for the main event of the day.

Everyone was supposed to meet at Pomona Food Court by Sam Levy Village at 1:15pm for 1:30pm.  Unfortunately we had to wait for a couple of people and we only got to leave for Domboshava at 3pm. We were also supposed to have gone to a different location but because of something along the lines of non residents weren’t allowed to go through yesterday we had to settle for Domboshava.  Ordinarily I would have been really upset about this.  I mean, after waiting for over an hour and then changing the location unannounced my blog post was going to be about how super annoyed I was yesterday but after the experience I had I can safely say it was worth the wait.


Wesley giving us brief information about the hike before taking off.

Wesley told us the hike was going to be 2 and half hours in total.  In my head I was like that’s easy, I run 10K in 1 hour so what’s 2 and a half hours of walking.  Boy was I wrong or was I wrong!  To be honest, In my head I thought hiking was a walk in the park where you get to enjoy watching all sorts of scenic views, take nice photos, go up a little mountain or two and basically have a great relaxed day out.  Biggest joke ever!



There were 15 of us in the group, one tour guide and two instructors with serious energy.  These instructors would run up part of the mountain and come back and we would be panting and feeling like we were having a near death experience!

Domboshava hike MaKupsy.jpg

It looks like we were taking a leisurely stroll up the mountain but that was actually the hardest part of the whole climb!

It was a good kind of feeling though, it took my body to the next level and I also overcame my fear of heights at the same time.

Hiking in Domboshava MaKupsy.jpg

Those are the two instructors with toooo much energy!

We took breaks every few minutes so that everyone would get a chance to take pictures of the amazing views and to catch our breath.  I for one made sure I didn’t drink any water at all.  I can’t stomach water during a workout I always get cramps so I was not about to get myself feeling all sorts of unwell during such a time.


There is so much peace and quiet during hiking.  Its such a welcome change from the constant noises from town.  Sometimes all you need is some time out and a chance to inhale some clean air.


He is the only person I saw who managed to go up that part of the mountain, the rest of us would have failed dismally if we had tried to do this!

Domboshava hiking MaKupsy.jpg

Made some new friends along the way.

I actually want to do this again and from what I learnt, they do this every month so they should be sure to count me in each time.  If you want to be a part of this be sure to Like their page on Facebook so that you are always up to date.  The wonderful experience was $5 and that right there is value for your money.  You get to exercise, refresh and network at the same time.


Group Photo

My camera really takes beautiful pictures if I do say so myself and the sunset photo wasn’t too shabby.


All in all it was a beautiful day and minus the great test of my physical capabilities I will still do this again.  I am actually surprised that my body is not in any form of pain today.  Maybe it’s all the working out that I do?  I am happy my hiking dream came true, its amazing how the universe keeps answering all my little wishes except the one where I win the lotto.  Something really has to be done about that one!

Domboshava MaKupsy.jpg


What was your weekend all about?  Did you get up to anything exciting and memorable?

For the couples out there, next time you think of something fun to do with your partner this would be a really nice outing and it won’t cost you much.  Instead of downing bottles of alcohol every weekend why not have clean fun for a change, you will love it!

P.S. Someone from the group said they recognised me from blogging and they even knew my blog name!  She said always passes through to read a blog or two.  I was totally wowed, I must be doing this blogging thing right!




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