5 Things I Wish People Did

2015-01-16 17.17.04

Ever had things you wish people would do more of or maybe did differently?  Well I do but to avoid going on and on I decided to cut the list down to just 5 things.

  1.  I wish people would say thank you after getting a compliment.  The number of times I have told or heard someone compliment the next person only for the recipient to say “I Know”.  You say THANK YOU not I know, what nonsense is that?
  2. Say please when you ask for something.
  3. Allow older people and pregnant women go ahead of the queue.
  4. Do random acts of kindness for the next person.  Even if it’s just to smile and listen attentively to what they have to say, there is no  fee for being a good person.
  5. Just be yourself.  Too many times we are too busy trying to be what society expects us to be instead of living our lives and being happy with the way we are.  Be you, be happy!



7 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish People Did

  1. A agree with all you wish people would do. I’m seriously amazed at the lack of basic human manners in many people. In fact, I think it’s a large contributor to the downfall of society here.


  2. Often when I am complimented, I feel really weird and I try to water it down. it is something I am working on currently. I would never say ‘I know’. That’s just too arrogant for me.

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