Save Time, Give Feedback!

Feedback : information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

I want to talk about feedback today.  I feel a lot of people forget how important it is in our day to day lives.  I will give two examples on my experiences with feedback.

I have been to one three many job interviews in my life and to be honest most of them just ended there, like right there on the day of the interview.  There was never a call to tell you why they didn’t choose me for the particular job, what I could have done to improve my chances of landing a job in that field or simply an apology to let me know that I had failed the interview and they had found a better candidate.  How does someone who is job hunting then know how to up their game and enter the job market?  It beats me to be honest.



Anyways, the job interviews were not all so bad because l also had the pleasure of attending some where even after you didn’t get the job you got a phone call to at least know what went wrong.  I remember years back when I was still in college I applied for a job at the British Embassy.  I was called for an interview a few weeks later and when I left I really felt like I had aced it.  I am sure most people are familiar with the feeling, you even get this feeling after an examination where you know you did really well or you failed dismally before you even get the results.  I got a phone call a few days later to tell me that I had done very well in the interview BUT I was still in College and they encouraged me to first finish my programme and apply next time there was a job opening.  Years later I applied again and I got the job and I was completely over the moon!  A few jobs after this experience it was back to the no feedback interviews and when I landed my current job I made sure that once I had passed my probation I told my supervisor that it was important to let interview candidates know when thy didn’t make it for a job interview.  She was actually surprised and had never given it much thought before and since then whether you make it or not you are guaranteed to get a phone call from us telling you how things went and a few tips on what you can do to better your chances in future interviews.  To be honest it also helps you ease your frustrations and stop hoping that every call that comes through could possibly be news from an interview you attended.  Now isn’t that nice?

The second case of no feedback I have come to know through blogging is when you ask someone to help you with something and they go absolutely cold turkey on you.  I remember I had a time I would write interview blogs and the first people I asked to feature on my posts were from Twitter mainly because that is where I get most of my blog readership from.  I remember sending out emails and direct messages and some people would completely ignore me, others would agree to it and then simply go quiet when it was time for the actual interview and then a handful would have me send them all the questions and information I needed from them and they would never get back to me.  Talk about wasting my precious time!  (shame on you) I would like people to realise that it is okay to say “NO”.  It saves a lot of time and energy and no one will hold anything against you.  Saying no is actually feedback in case you didn’t know.

I hope someone reads this and learns a thing or two especially the employers who don’t get back to an interview candidate.  Waiting for never ending weeks with no feedback will play havoc with your mind.  Try and ease someone’s mind by just letting them know if they got the job or not.  It won’t take much of your time.

Have you had any experiences where you were never got feedback on something?  Let’s talk about them..



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