Workout Clothes

If you follow my blog religiously you will know that I am addicted to running.  When I first started my weight loss journey I used to incorporate all sorts of exercise routines such as Zumba, Yoga, Workout DVDs, Power Walking, Jogging, Skipping you name it…After a few months I settled for running outdoors because I enjoyed the renewed feeling that comes with an early morning run.  The other reason I prefer to run is because running costs you nothing, just your time and energy.  Now that is something worth smiling about!

I have had a lot of people ask me what it is I wear when I go running and where I buy the things.  Most people always have the “I don’t have anything to wear” excuse but that does not fly if you are serious about your fitness journey.  If you are serious about working out trust me you will make a plan!


What do I wear?

I wear running tights which happen to be all black by the way.  I have really short, knee highs and full length pairs.  Sometimes I wear an old tracksuit bottom.  When it comes to the tops I decided to make good use of my old t-shirts and those complete the outfit.


I got both my pairs from Bata Store and each pair was less than $30.  The old pair I have is reserved for long distance run because it is very comfortable, not that the other two pairs are not but this pair has been through rain, mud, grass and still came out alive.  I went hiking with the other Bata pair and it doesn’t look too good after that.

Now that summer is here…

I NEED ME SOME NEW RUNNING CLOTHES.  At first it was okay to just cover myself up in boring old t-shirts because I had too many flaws I wanted to cover up.  For me, being overweight made me extremely self conscious.  Now that I am comfortable in my skin and can’t live without running I have to get myself new workout clothes with delicious colours to show off all the hard work I have put in over the past two years!

Oh yes, by the way I am now on Pinterest and I am disappointed that I had not given it a second look all these years, how I have missed out on so many things.  But it’s never too late right?  There are so many ideas on what you can wear when you go out for your run.  You can check out my board labelled Running Gear Wish List and we can get a heartbreak together because the outfits on there are very nice and I have no idea how I am going to get my hands on them!

That said, there is never an excuse to not go out and achieve your fitness goals.  We spend too much time worrying about what to wear, eat, gym membership the works when most of the times you can really do all these things without having to part with a lot of money.  My advice:

  • Look for an activity you enjoy, that way you will look forward to doing it.
  • Instead of buying all these fancy foods that supposedly help you lose weight just watch your portions.  For example, if you were having 8 slices of bread with your breakfast cut them down to 4.
  • Read on what it is you are aiming for (weight loss or weight gain) the internet is full of ideas.
  • Find a partner you can either workout with or be accountable to.
  • Lastly, stay addicted to fitness!

That said, what has been your excuse for not working out?


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23 thoughts on “Workout Clothes

      • To be honest I’m getting fit encouraged by old photos of me. I was always in the thinking that I was skinny and un-manly. Terrible self esteem.

        BUT! I used to commute 40 mile a day by bicycle, be on my feet all day, and cycle at weekends. I was insanely fit. My partner used to say neighbours used to stare a my legs when I rode up the street.

        Saw a picture of myself recently when I was 24 and had a ‘Holy crap I had muscles on muscles!’ kinda moment. My legs and forearms looked ripped!

        I doubt 15 years later I’m gonna get that fit again, but God seeing that picture has encouraged me to try haha! 😊


  1. Good day.
    Thanks for this one it came at the right time for me. My challenge is not much into workout clothes though I still feel looking sexy in your attire will bring more positives. Am about 187cm tall and I am weighing +100Kgs and am surprised coz had not been disciplined to watch it out. I really really really need to shed off all this please, help. You have been through it and you managed to win the game. Hope you take students!


  2. I’m lazy and keep making up stupid excuses; this is what takes me back to square one after a good 7 months of being at least 78% faithful to my fitness addiction. And where is the Running gear wish list? Can’t see it anywhere, mine is on the Nike Women gear page but haiiii, their prices are too much, I’ll keep wishing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm you don’t need to back slide after all that hard work. What do you enjoy doing the most when it comes to exercising? Once you find out what that is trust me you will keep doing it. I don’t know whats going on with my links I will have to keep checking if it has updated or not but you can try this link for the wish list, I hope it will show on your end.


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