My Birth Control Experience

I actually didn’t grow up with vast knowledge on Birth Control.  You can read all about the only ever sex talk I got the day I got my first period here.  The only form of birth control I was aware of were Condoms and well, that didn’t go very well seeing that I got knocked up.   (please note the Withdrawal Method failed dismally in this case, use it at your own risk).   A few months after having my daughter we decided that we were going to try and not have another unplanned pregnancy so off to New Start Centre we went.  (Contraceptive is free at New Start Centre)


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I didn’t realise there were so many birth control methods available.  The counselor was very helpful and talked us through all the methods.   I had to weigh in so that she could check if my BMI was in check.  Unfortunately I was overweight and according to her I could not get onto almost all the methods because the hormones would make me gain even more weight.

She suggested I try The Loop also known as IUD: Intrauterine Device (IUD) for Birth Control.  An IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones. The IUD is inserted into your uterus by your doctor.  I think that method is only for the brave because having the IUD inserted is the most uncomfortable experience I have gone through to date.  Once it was done she told me that the only thing I would need to worry about was an extra day or two to my monthly period.  WRONG!

When I got my first period after getting The Loop I didn’t make it to work.  I never get period pain and I was confused when my lower back and abdomen were in excruciating pain.  I couldn’t even leave my bed.  I felt nauseous, I was weak and the thought of food was not helping matters at all.  I had to call in sick and made my way to the doctor.  I thought I was going to die!  At the same time I thought I was pregnant but how are you even pregnant when you are on your period?  I was worried sick.  When I got to speak to the doctor he told me that I was suffering from Dysmenorrhea; which is basically painful periods.  The doctor informed me that it was part of the side effects of the birth control method I had opted for.  I got a couple of pain killers and sleeping tablets to help me sail through my monthlys.  Well, that didn’t help much but at least it made me feel a little better.

That was not all, after my period I had a massive breakout on my face.  I have never seen my skin transform into someone that I couldn’t even recognise in the mirror.  Then my pee started to smell like copper. Oh my word!!!  Maybe it was just in my head…all the same before I got to the second month of using that method I went back to New Start and asked them to remove it!  I was unhappy and uncomfortable.  The counselor tried to convince me that my body needed at least 3 months to adjust to the foreign body but I would hear none of it.  I was not about to go another month of having an 8 day period!!!  Do you have any idea how expensive tampons are?!  Being on your period already sucks as it is now imagine going at it for a whole week… Goodbye sex!


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Once they removed The Loop I went and bought a whole box of condoms.  Yes, I am one of those individuals who don’t mind buying her own condoms because I value my health.  After that experience I just decided condoms are the way to go for me, I won’t have it any other way.

P.S I tried to use the female condom, it’s a NO for me, it’s too big, actually looks like a plastic bag, but that’s just me.

Ladies, talk to me, which birth control method are you on?

Which one did you have a bad experience with?

Who taught you about birth control?

No glove, no love.

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27 thoughts on “My Birth Control Experience

  1. I’ve tried depo provera (a progestogen injection) it made me gain weight and i suffered from loss of libido. I had jadelle implants twice and never encountered any problems. I’m currently using oral contraceptives containing both oestrogen and progestogen but unfortunately my flow seems heavier, way heavier 😩 I don’t think i can ever have an iucd(loop) though. The thought of a foreign object in my uterus ummm ma1. I can’t. I can also confirm kuti withdrawal system haishande 😂😂😂😂

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    • I think you have to trial and error these things until you find the right one for you. I didn’t even try the depo or jadelle because of my weight.

      LOW LIBIDO! Omg. Had they told you about this side effect in advance? Man, that’s a mood killer.

      On an unrelated issue I have noticed in our society is most people tend to just go with whatever contraceptive their friend is using instead of actually seeking professional help. More information needs to be put out there for women to make the right birth control decisions.

      And yes, withdrawal system munoswera makusvipa svipa. LOL!!

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      • The information i got about contraceptives was from nursing school. Before that i had zero information. Surprisingly never heard anyone complaining about loss of libido from depo before then. I only encountered people with similar complaints after my experience.


  2. I found out about birth control all on my own! Am lucky because I work in the Sexual Reproductive health field so I have all this information at my fingertip.
    Without this though it would have been a mess because I never learnt Biology in my secondary school days!

    I use condoms too and withdrawal method (yes I know..shameful *hides*)
    But I have had a bad experience with an emergency pill and that’s about it. I took it once and I bled like I was bleeding for the whole Africa for more than a week! It was horrible.

    So yes, condoms for me. Any day.
    I would love to try the it is one of the few methods that doesn’t mess with your hormones. But yet to master the courage to have someone poking me inside like that and not for pleasure mind you! LOL

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    • You are one lucky woman!! I hope when you have your kids you will tell them all about birth control because our generation certainly had no one to give them a heads up on that front.
      (you gotta love withdrawal though *winks*)
      Hmmm, I’m really sorry about the emergency pill ordeal, that has to be the worst feeling ever!
      Try the loop though, at least you don’t worry if a condom bursts because there is already plan b 🙂


  3. IUD, non-hormonal! I swear by it. I opted for it cause it didn’t have the blasted hormones. Was on the oral ones before but they caused me to balloon, and weight struggles since. *chest pains*

    The first few months on the IUD were hell, no lie, but my body has adjusted and all is well. Save for the random times when my body just won’t have it, and I feel like I’m in mini-labour. (If there was ever such a thing.)

    How I learnt about BC? My mum. I cone from a family with a deep medical background. Both parents being in that field made it easy for them to talk to us and all about sex and its mysteries. A blessing of sorts. All I know is that ny kids will be proper aware and educated on the topic, but I’m gonna be super hawk eyed on them. Lol

    Great post as usual hon… Keep’em coming

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    • Wow, wow and another wow! This is the kind of stuff I like to read. You have no idea how much it means to have your parents actually sit down with you and give you informative advice and not threaten you on not getting pregnant, who does that 🙂
      Well, remember every method has a side effect at least for you it doesn’t come as often. And no darling, there is no such thing as “mini-labour” you are funny. LMAO.
      Thanks for reading, it’s always a pleasure knowing these posts are relatable.
      P.S I am happy to know you will be open and honest with your children, they need that!


  4. I was put on oral contraceptives in order to control my menstrual cycle and they have worked. I no longer have any period pain, I have a shorter and lighter period. However I did gain some weight during the first few months but all is normal now.

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    • I have heard a lot of people tell me about using oral contraceptives for their cycle, I have no idea how it works but I’m glad it’s working for you.
      Nothing is as great as trying out a method and it instantly agrees with you right? At least weight is something you can take control of unlike these hormone induced methods.
      Thanks for reading and for the informative contribution 🙂

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    • Yes there are and I hope as the next generation we will be able to advise our kids accordingly where birth control is concerned.
      Thank you for reading and yes, there was no way I was going to go through months of all that pain, it was a terrible experience.


  6. I was on the implant for about 2 years, the first 3 months I had severe periods but that calmed down and I’d got for months without my period but when it eventually came I’d bleed for about 7 days. After 2 years I just started bleeding everyday for a while that’s when I decided that it was time to take it out. After the implant was out I got onto the withdrawal method wagon and I was just too paranoid I went and got the 3 months injection and I hated it, I was constantly hungry and I cried allot over anything 😂.. Anyway so I’m currently on the 2 months injection and apart from occasionally biting off baes head it’s pretty okay,periods are light and aren’t frequent. My sexual appetite didn’t go down with any of the methods I have tried and honestly that was my biggest worry getting into this contraceptive business. Oh and I educated myself on the different types of contraceptives by googling,my mother never had the sex talk with me and the day I started my period she just handed me pads and told me if I got pregnant she’d send me kumusha 😂😩

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    • Eish, the side effects involved are something else. I already don’t like going on my period now I don’t even want to start imagining what 7 days of heavy bleeding are like.
      The good thing with your experience is that you managed to finally find something that works for you. I personally just have more faith in condoms because that way there are no extra hormones going through my system.
      Thank you for reading and for your contribution…
      When you have time you should check this post out as well, just when I thought it was just my mother who used to scare me about pregnancy you just mentioned a classic one we were all probably threatened with! Lol


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