Losing Weight Is NOT Expensive

Hello my darlings, I hope you had a restful weekend.  For us in Zimbabwe, last week was the shortest working week because we only started work on Wednesday thanks to a long holiday.  Now it’s back to normal working days and Monday never felt so blue.  However, I am here to make you feel better if you are one of those people who always tell themselves I will start exercising or working out when Monday comes.


A lot of people have the “Dieting is expensive excuse” when you ask them about their eating habits.  Well, I will have you know that it’s not true.  It is all about portion control.  Eat what is available but just make sure you cut down on the quantities.  For example; if you have been eating 8 slices of bread for breakfast, cut them down to 4.  From experience, the body needs gradual change.  If you do something too drastic it will reject it.  I have seen people who wake up one morning and claim that they are on a diet and go all day surviving on water and eating one meal a day.  Do not do that to yourself!  You will starve and the next thing that will happen is you eating everything in sight trying to make up for the day you were on “a diet”.   Like I said, make small changes and your body will adjust accordingly.

The other thing you should aim to do when you are trying to lose weight is making your own meals.  I am a fitness girl on a budget and I rarely spend my money on take out because I know I can cook way better.  When I go to work I always try and pack a lunchbox and make sure I pack a healthy meal and snacks in advance to avoid eating the wrong foods. (insert chocolate, doughnuts, cake, all things you can think of that are an enemy of weight loss progress).  When you make your own meals you have more control over what goes into your food.  Most of these take outs are packed with calories and we aren’t trying to have more of those in your diet.  On a typical day I will fix an egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich and have it with a cup of horrible green tea with lemon.  I do not like green tea at all, I only drink it for the health benefits.  The great thing about sandwiches is you can play around with ideas depending on what you have available.

P.S Leftovers make great packed lunch ideas.


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Lastly, you don’t have to join the gym in order to lose weight.  Remember we are all about saving money in this post so look for an activity you enjoy doing.  Running, power walking, swimming, playing sport, YouTube workout videos.  Thanks to technology you can now watch and download workout videos and try them out in the comfort of your home. Some people are really body conscious and this will be a great idea for them instead of going to a gym where everyone’s attention will be on them. g

There you have it, there is no reason why you should not be working on your body to have it looking the way you want it to.  It won’t be easy when you start but trust me as time goes by you will enjoy seeing the results so much that you will want to outdo yourself.  Speaking of outdoing yourself, also know when to stop and start maintaining your weight.  I have seen some people with to-die-for bodies lose their figure because they didn’t know when to stop.  If friends and family keep telling you it’s time you slow down then maybe you need to hear them out.  They usually have your best interests at heart.

Have you started on your weight loss journey?  If not, what excuse do you have today?  Do you think you will ever start or the Monday will never come?


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7 thoughts on “Losing Weight Is NOT Expensive

  1. Yes, this is very true. I started my weight loss journey and i have lost 5.6kg to date. I started off by cutting down on my portions and my carb intake during supper, add in a bit of stress, (i cannot eat when i’m stressed) so that shrunk my stomach.But i guess like they say, all things work together for the good 🙂 I am still working, need to lose 5 more kgs and to get toned.

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    • Well done on managing to lose weight! It’s not an easy task but once you put your mind to it anything is possible. As for stress, it works the opposite for me, I end up eating more. But look at the positive side, you now have a nice tummy 🙂
      How much did you weigh before and how much do you weigh now if you don’t mind sharing.

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      • i weighed 81kgs (cringes), i now weigh 75.4kgs 🙂 My tummy is getting there, lol, started the 30 day ab challenge. I am working on getting to 70kgs, although my mom is already on my case about looking slim, in her words “hazvina kukufita” lol, but my goals are my goals, hoping to go back to the gym in September too 🙂 Exciting times ahead…


      • Girl, you need to share those tips! You have done really well and I hope you will stay on track because it’s pretty easy to fall off the wagon.
        That said, as long as you still feel you need to lose a bit more weight do that 🙂

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  2. I think u got to want it as much as u want to breath. I have started my journey it’s not easy by seeing the results make it worth your while . I was frustrated after day out shopping all the nice dress looked horrible on me. Started running daily and exercising in the comfort of my living room l have lost 2 and half stones . Do u mind sharing your daily regime with me thanks .


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