Signs Of A Stingy Guy

I bumped into this YouTube video when I was busy searching for something on the internet this morning.  I want to hear your thoughts on it before I write up my opinion on it by end of day today.  Grab your earphones and listen in.



Let me break this down…

  1. There really are guys like that out there.  They will tell you about the latest property they bought, the latest addition to their “fleet of ex Japanese cars” but they will never actually spend money on you to show you just how much they are living it up in life. (insert eye roll here)
  2. I have to agree with the Vlogger here, why is your supposed man waiting on you to ask for things.  Your real man knows your needs in and out and there is really no need for you to be policing him to do them for you.  If he doesn’t want to do them then it’s cool, just don’t nag a brother and do you, but guess what, someone won’t be getting some for a very long time.  We were in disagreement on this opinion with a friend of mine when I shared this video with her.  She said;
    l think we ladies do equate material things and sex then when a guy says can l sleep with you then I buy you lunch or whatever he offers on the table; we always get insulted and say he is crazy is he equating my pussy to lunch? 

We are all entitled to our opinion right?  I won’t argue this one out I have too much to say right now I might end up losing the plot!

3. To be honest, when you meet a woman there are certain standards that she has for herself and if you are only there to ” run her down” then what are you even doing in her life?  Relationships cost money people, I once read somewhere that relationships are for the ready; FINANCIALLY, physically, emotionally, the whole shebang.

4. Ladies, I know a lot of us have had the “I will sort it out tomorrow” guys in our lives.  The tomorrow never comes! I find it pretty annoying actually.  If someone does not want to do something why not simply go ahead and say I don’t want to instead of having someone think you are actually going to do it.  What’s all the more interesting is that when a woman asks for something a man act like he suddenly has a hearing impairment but when it’s time for trying to get laid he is very much alert.  Funny!

5.”Is her father doing the things you do to her?”  That line has to be the one that caught my attention.  I have heard a lot of guys on Twitter say that “I am not her father” line but trust they are doing all sorts of acrobatics to their said girlfriends and when it comes to the crunch they throw in that line.  Shame on you guys!

You know what I think.  At the end of the day even if you go to work, you have your life going; if you have a man in your life it’s just a great feeling to know he will do things for you from the goodness of his heart.  The moment you start asking him to do things for you it kills the fun and dries up a woman’s vagina to be honest.  How do you even get wet for someone who needs to be told that my hair is a mess, does he not have eyes?

Sooooo, are guys supposed to be spending money on their girlfriend(s) or not?  Do you think if he does not spend money when you are still dating he will do the same when you are married to him?

P.S This was by far the most hilarious vlog I have watched on YouTube this week.  I still want to know where people get these Chris Brown type of guys who let you just spend his money and even come back for more once you finish spending it!

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13 thoughts on “Signs Of A Stingy Guy

  1. There is tradition in relationships, dating, etc (and different in each culture) and there is the new world. Either is fine I guess, but I rarely see anyone actually doing the logically assumable on their own end that equal their expectations of others. Well, the ones that I’ve seen do that are all married with great partners (and that does no good for me lol.) Such is life, such is this selfish humanity I guess.

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  2. Finally got around to watching the video, interesting and funny at the same time.
    Sister vanosasa avo!
    Money answereth all things.
    I believe that women deserve nice things, either to be done for them or to them.

    However I have 1 or 3 questions.
    1. If people are in a relationship, why do they have sex? Because they want to or they feel obliged to?
    2. What if the guy just sucks at taking hints, anotoda kuudzwa kuti I want/need ABCD?

    2 questions


  3. ” I still want to know where people get these Chris Brown type of guys who let you just spend his money and even come back for more once you finish spending it!” HAKUNA munhu akaita sewe please,


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