I Have Been Weighing Myself Everyday!

I decided to try out weighing myself everyday; something I already know will make or break my entire day but I did it anyway.  This was just an experiment by the way, I only weigh in once a week to keep my weight in check.

Monday 75.8kgs 50 crunches
Tuesday 75.5kgs Ran 2.9K Pace 5″57/km + 60 crunches
Wednesday 76.3kgs 70 crunches
Thursday 76.5kgs NO WORKOUT was hungover for days
Friday 75.6kgs 30 minute Fat Blasting workout


As you can see from the records my weight was changing every other day.  Thursday nearly gave me a heart attack but I am entirely to blame.  I had one drink, okay fine I had three drinks the night before and woke up feeling like I had been hit by a train.  What an enemy of progress alcohol can be!

I got back on track this morning because there was no way I was going to let myself see a 76 figure on my scale.  I won’t be doing this experiment again by the way, it was enough the stress.  I am happy about a few things though.  For a start, my running pace is getting back in place.  I can now do 50 crunches in one go even though it burns my abs.  Lastly, I am halfway into the month and still dedicated to the 30 minute fat blasting workout I got from YouTube.

A few pointers I got from the internet that might help where weighing yourself is concerned:

  • Weigh yourself naked first thing in the morning after using the bathroom and always using the same scale. (Tried and tested by yours truly)
  • Daily weight fluctuations are normal.
  • If your clothes fit or are too loose but the scale says you’ve gained weight, the gain is probably muscle.
  • Premenstrual weight gain.  (I have personally experienced this.  My tummy gets bloated too while it’s at it and it feels like I have gained a tonne during this time of the month).  Premenstrual water-weight gain can be minimised by drinking plenty of water, maintaining an exercise program, and limiting salt intake.
  • The 2 kg that you gain right after a huge dinner is not fat. It’s the actual weight of everything you’ve had to eat and drink. The added weight of the meal will be gone several hours later when you’ve finished digesting it. It takes regular eating of high-fat and high-calorie meals to result in stored fat and actual weight gain.

My advice?  Keep eating right and making time to workout as often as you can.  That way you won’t freak out when it’s time for your daily, weekly or monthly weigh in.  Do what works for you.  I know for a fact that weighing in everyday is a big no for me.  I will stick to once a week thank you very much.


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P.S  I have a question for those in the know.  Why am I feeling thirsty during the night?  I wake up feeling parched and I now keep a glass of water by my bedside.  Could it be the change of weather?  I do drink enough water during the day but I am really struggling when I wake up at night.  Help!

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8 thoughts on “I Have Been Weighing Myself Everyday!

    • I am not a fan of the scale either but I wanted to see if my weight really does change everyday. I wont be doing it again anytime soon though. The thing about weight is it’s really easy to gain but losing it on the other hand…Thank you for reading. 🙂 & good luck on your weight loss journey.

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