Moyo Mashine | Ben Pol

Moyo Mashine means Heart Machine.

Hi, my name is Zvie and I am a music junkie.  The beautiful thing about it is no matter which language the artist sings in as long as the beat and rhythm speaks to your soul you will fall in love with it.  This is what happened to me and I have been hooked.  I have almost all his songs on my phone and desktop and whenever I need something to lift up my spirits I listen in.  Moyo Mashine is my favourite track.

I discovered Ben Pol’s  music a few weeks ago when I was looking for new music on YouTube to add to my playlist.  This guy is good, well, according to me.  I am probably biased anyway because have you seen him?  Gorgeous, tall dark skinned African brother with such a serenading voice, what’s not to love?  *adds Man Crush Monday list*  I don’t even understand the most of the things he will be singing but I love his music all the same.  I can pick out a few words here and there because they sound like Shona but at this rate I might have to learn some Swahili.



Have a listen and tell me what you think.  Oh yes, some of his videos are really good and I play them at every chance I get.

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