I Went Through His Phone And This Is What I Found…

Curiosity killed the cat…


I did that poll two days ago and it got me thinking I had to add it to a post I wrote sometime last year.  As you can see from the statistics most people say they do not go through their partners’ phone which is a very good thing if you ask me.  For those who had not read this post before this is your chance to read through and enjoy. 

I have never been one of those people who want to poke my nose in other people’s business but once you start dating a guy who leaves you wondering where you stand with him or what he has been up to believe me the curiosity will kick in and you will go through his phone like its nothing!  It becomes a very destructive and addictive habit though so if you decide to go that path be prepared to never have peace.

I have had some pretty heart wrenching encounters in the past and that just taught me a lesson (for that day only) to stay away from your partner’s phone.  For those who have always wanted to go through his phone and wondered when best to do it;

  • try when he is dead drunk,
  • when he is asleep or
  • the few seconds that he dashes to the loo.

Please be warned that you should do this at your own risk as you might not be able to deal with whatever you find in his phone.


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I will list a few messages I bumped into in the past, I remember word for word for some of them but for others I have a rough idea what they read.  I will also include who had sent the messages; here goes:

  • I am not in love with her.  I am only staying with her because I feel sorry for her.  I want to be with you and I am going to do everything that I can to make that happen. (my then boyfriend)
  • How was the evening with the girl you hooked up with from church, did you tap that ass? (my then boyfriend’s close cousin)
  • You shouldn’t marry her.  If you marry her you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.  You ex was a better fit for you and if you let her go you will be doomed. (my then boyfriend’s best friend) 
  • Send me some of your nude photos. (my then boyfriend)
  • Please send me airtime, I am low on credit. (my then best friend asking my boyfriend without my knowledge)
  • She is so fat I don’t even know why I am dating her, you know I like slim women. (my then boyfriend)

I can only remember the very juicy messages and the ones that really got to me the rest were really nothing to go on about.  What did this experience teach me?

  1. Not everyone who smiles at you actually likes you.  Take that then boyfriend’s best friend for example.  This guy used to come to our place and I would cook lunch, supper, breakfast, you name it just to make sure he was comfortable and yet his ass didn’t even like me!  What a fucking asshole!  Once I knew that’s how he felt about me I ended those privileges, what a prick!
  2. Even your so called best friend can get up to something behind your back.  I couldn’t help but wonder what else she used to ask for…
  3. Do not date anyone who bashes your self esteem, yes, I used to be fat, but you pursued me knowing I was fat, at what point did you realise that I was actually not your type?
  4. His friends are not your friends.  Do not be fooled!

These random experiences made me promise myself that I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH SOMEONE’S PHONE.  You will die an emotional death after you discover things you were not prepared to deal with.  To make things worse you can not exactly ask about the messages because you would have breached someone’s privacy.  You have no right to be going through a phone that does not belong to you.  At the same time it helps you see where you stand with someone but it really isn’t advisable to do that.  I would say talk things through if you feel there is something that is bothering you.  And even if you do decide to continue going through your partner’s phone and they do find out that’s what you get up to, trust me they will find ways to hide things from you and you will never find a single grain of evidence.  Bottom line is, if your partner is cheating the truth always has a way of revealing itself…just sit tight and relax.


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The amusing thing about going through your partner’s phone is if you find out something that hurts you the first thing you tell yourself is that you are going to break up with them and leave.  Sadly, most people stay and complain and bore us to death about how their partner is cheating…As for me, I stuck around for a while(that puts me in the boring department) but eventually things got from bad to worse, hearts were broken, words were said, trust went flying out the window but yes, that is life, we get to experience all sorts of things before we decide to make changes.  And that’s how I ended up deciding I won’t ever go through my partners phone because nothing good has ever come of it.  Ideally it would be nice to go through your partner’s phone and find out they are planning a surprise party or a getaway weekend but how often does that happen???

I would like to find out from you if you have gone through the Private Investigation phase of wanting to know who your partner has been talking to.  If yes, what did you find and how did you deal with it?

Remember the quote at the start of this blog about the cat?  Well…

Satisfaction brought it back.

©MaKupsy 2016


20 thoughts on “I Went Through His Phone And This Is What I Found…

  1. LOL people are mean esp the friends and he will be treating you like you are the only one. i don’t even have an inclination of going bf’s phone except maybe when i want to make a call if i dont have airtime in mine. had one ex who wanted to audit me, told him from the get go that i will not give him my phone he would have to trust me or……………..To me phone is a private thing-his or mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And you made a very good policy. It saves a lot of drama but not to allow him to touch it at all may leave room for a lot of questions…what are you hiding in there?
      Thank you for reading by the way 🙂


      • LOL i wasnt hiding anything but i dont want a bf acting all CIO on me and my phone. he can use for calls like i do even pics no biggie but asking me who m chatting to and and and nah fam handidi


  2. Eish. How did you react though? I would have blown up and ended it right there and then. Those messages were just evil sha. As for your “friend” asking for airtime from your boyfriend? WTF? This is why I don’t have “best friends” mina, you can never trust anyone! Having said all that, I am one curious being and would most probably go through his phone the first chance I get lol. But men these days are sneaky little devils. He’ll most probably have a second line and phone that you know nothing about and he’ll leave the “clean” one lying around for your viewing pleasure whilst the one he uses for all his dirty business is tied to his balls!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • EXACTLY! There are so many ways of going about it and I actually have a friend who told me he has a completely different line that he leaves in his car the moment he gets home. So the wife obviously thinks he is clean but meanwhile…
      When I found out I was shocked and I didn’t ask there and then, I just bottled things up until the one day I blew up and let them know I have gone through their phones. It hurts though, people are deceiving out there. Things like that affect you and make it harder for you to trust anyone. Good thing you don’t have best friends as well. I don’t anymore, that best friend of mine was a friendship of 12 years that we ended last year because I couldn’t stomach her lies and secrets anymore.
      Thank you for reading and let’s hope you won’t attempt to go through your man’s phone it won’t end well. Tried and tested!!


    • I guess we can safely say that sometimes it’s better safe than sorry? Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. There is more to come 🙂


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  4. You are brave. I did the same thing once and what i found traumatised me for life. Granted I stayed with him after but my gawd I literally broke my won heart. I learnt my lesson. You had to deal with his friends so sad. I went through him asking when he sleep with some females. FEMALES!! they were alot. Hm. Anyway i left. so its ok.


  5. I am a very curious cat but nope, i would never go through his phone because i will definitely find what im looking for. Besides, it comes with a lot of drama. I wouldnt set myself up for stress. Not worth it!!! Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    • You will die in your sleep I tell you, snooping is not for the faint hearted. I am happy you don’t succumb to doing so, it’s a really bad habit. Thank you for reading Zile, you are awesome 🙂


  6. I have gone through my husbands fone twice ever since we started dating. And I tell you it aint a good thing to do. I felt bad afterwards because I ddnt find what I was looking for (promiscuity) instead i found out how his friends felt about me. Which i cant do anything about because well I ain’t dating them. And we married now so who won? ME. Sometimes your partner shields you from the negative stuff that others say, I do that too. So respecting his privacy is a good thing. That doesnt mean I dont peep to see who he is chatting to Beyonce style.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I loved this part the most, “Sometimes your partner shields you from the negative stuff that others say, I do that too.” It’s really true because not all his or her friends will have good things to say about you so sometimes it’s just best to leave the phone alone.
      It’s tempting to keep going back to check what’s in the phone once you start snooping though…

      Liked by 1 person

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