Chez Zandi – Bistro & Wine Bar

This is definitely my go to place come Friday!  Last week I hooked up with friends and we had what was supposed to be a drink or two turn into a whole night of good company, extra cold drinks, great music and delicious food. If you stay in The Avenues this might turn into your new hangout place to.  I would have you know that I pass by this place every other day when I go for my morning run but I never realised that it was the hottest place ever!


View above me

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the decorations, definitely a plus for me.  As you walk in there is a garden area and a few children were playing there.  It’s a family friendly environment and I will make sure I take my daughter there one of these afternoons, she would definitely love all that space to run around.

There is an option to sit inside or outside the restaurant but my friends were outside already so there was no way I was going to start to ask to change tables; besides it is blazing hot lately so even at night the temperatures are crazy. However, the benches are not exactly comfortable.  You know how a bench ordinarily has three planks that go across it, well, theirs have two and for some of us who are blessed in the curves department; it made sitting pretty uncomfortable.  Perhaps management can look into this.

One thing I liked about my experience was that the waiter actually remembered our drinks and didn’t have to keep asking what we were having.  It’s unfortunate that I have forgotten his name he really did a great job.

The music was laid back and diverse for the most part then it got all hyped by the hour.  I listened to songs I last heard when I was in High School and I loved it!


All this for USD8

I honestly don’t know why I choose to do these Restaurant Reviews in the morning, now I am felling so hungry and it’s not even time to have a cup of coffee yet! That platter fed not one but three people.  Unbelievable!  Pig on the spit, chips and a salad.  It was absolutely delicious and now just thinking of what I am probably going to eat for lunch today has me rethinking about waiting for Friday to go back to Chez Zandi.  I actually thought we would need another platter but we were all full by the time we were done.  The food was reasonably priced, fresh and finger licking good!


See how happy I get when I see food 🙂

After one too many I had to use the powder room.  This is one of the areas I am really sensitive about when I go out because it determines whether I will come back or not.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The bathroom was clean; tissue was available, there was hand soap, hand lotion, air freshener and the mirror was intact.  The whole time I went to use the bathroom it was clean and that was A LOT of times, trust me.  I don’t know why I pee so much when I drink and once I start I don’t stop! That said, there was a time I got to the bathroom and it was packed.  There were 5 women ahead of me and I was convinced I was going to pop.  I went to check out the men’s bathroom and there was absolutely noone so you know I did what you are thinking right now, I had no choice, I was seriously going to burst!  That’s another area to look into, maybe have two bathrooms for the women?  It will save a lot of jumping up and down trying to stop ourselves from peeing on ourselves.

Will I recommend this place to anyone?  HECK  YES!  This time around I will bring all the friends I made from the Road Trip to Sanganai Creek because they are an amazing bunch and we will certainly have a great time here.  I will rate Chez Zandi a cool 8/10 my experience here was lovely.

I got home sometime before 0100hrs, see how this is THE place to go on a Friday night?

Oh, I took a picture of the menu for those who might want to also give it a try. I will definitely go for one of their Jazz Sundays sometime soon.


What did you get up to over the weekend?  I bet your weekend was not as interesting as mine.

P.S. Why didn’t anyone tell me there was another place to hang out that is NOT Centurion I am enough of that place! 

©MaKupsy 2016



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