Are You Comfortable In Your Clothes?

A few months ago I decided to finally attend an event that most Hararians rave about the last Sunday of each month.  It always took place when I was out of town but this time I made sure I was available.  I only arrived sometime after 6pm and because it was winter I made sure I was fully dressed in my tights, boots, dress, jacket and scarf!  Yes, I am THAT scared of the cold.


However, when I arrived I noticed that most of the women were dressed in shorts, tights, mini skirts and short summer dresses.  I checked out the guys and the majority of them were in jeans, t shirts and a jacket; all dressed up to keep warm.  This event starts at midday which is a great idea because you can get to show off your nice bits in the warm sun and if you want to leave early you can do so after having a great afternoon.  If you decide to stay on for the rest of the evening I think you will need to have a plan because goodness was it cold that day or what!  I could see a few women with goosebumps from a mile away and it had me thinking if they were really comfortable with their dress choice for the day or they were braving it out for the love of fashion.  Don’t get me wrong I love me some sassy clothes but I just think that sometimes us women put ourselves through the most!

I have another example.  This one time I decided to go and watch a cricket match. Me being me, I thought well, I am going for a sporting event let me wear a pair of shorts, top, sunglasses and a comfortable tennis shoes and be on my way.  Did I just not get the shock of my life when I got there.  Some women were in 6 inch heels!!  How people, tell me how?  There was obviously going to be a lot of cheering, dancing jumping and down happening and I can’t even begin to imagine just how these women were planning on enjoying their afternoon dressed in killer heels so to speak.

Do not get me wrong, this post is not meant to bash anyone for the way they dress.  If anything I actually want to know from some women why they choose to dress this way for occasions you would think were not that deep.  LOL. Have you seen how guys are always fully clothed when you go out?  Why are we putting ourselves through this much torture?  I call it torture because I don’t want to freeze my ass off in the cold when I know I could easily wear something warm or end up feeling unhappy because I am wearing shoes that are definitely not for the occasion.  When I go out I make sure that I am comfortable and happy.  I will go clubbing and never leave the dance floor because I don’t have to keep pulling my dress down or have to hold my shoes in my hand because my feet are now painful and stopping me from pulling some epic dance moves!

I asked a few guys their opinion on this issue of wearing skimpy clothes and this is what they had to say:

GUY ONE: I don’t see a problem with that dressing if you’re going for the day look but if you’re planning on being there all night then I think it’ll be wise of you to wear something that says “I’m here to relax, have a good time, look and feel comfortable & warm” something that doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard to be noticed. I mean after all simple is sexy I always say. The problem is some dress to be noticed by others at the expense of themselves. “Dress for a cause not applause!” i.e dress for yourself. That ka simpleness is hella attractive!

GUY TWO: Okay well here’s the thing. I think some women dress like that to feel comfortable, especially if it’s hot. Maybe some would be looking for attention from guys, that is “seizing a bae” but ultimately I think it’s about what they feel comfortable in. If it’s going to be cold, it’s probably advisable if they bring leggings, a jacket or something to wear when it gets colder.

GUY THREE: I am just going to be honest and open about this, I WISH WOMEN DID THIS MORE, I love it!

GUY FOUR: Guys will dress more safely perhaps because guys don’t particularly go crazy because of what to wear at an occasion. They will be concentrating on what is going to happen when you get to the occasion, for example, going for a braai.  They are interested in the braaing aspect and probably how much alcohol they will drink, nothing about dress code.  Over and above I think women should just adopt this kind of attitude (what are the chances though) dress appropriately but still look really good.

So ladies, I want to hear from you, are you comfortable in what you choose to wear for an occasion? Who helps you decide on your outfit for the day and do you have a back up plan for when the weather changes up on you or you are on that “Fashion knows no weather tip”?  Let’s talk.


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10 thoughts on “Are You Comfortable In Your Clothes?

  1. Am that girl whose always in heels. Like i got two pairs of flats between me and poverty. But believe me you I know how to dress for occasions. Am going for cricket but not going to be sitting at the grass area so why not a pair of heels sipping on some wine at the Centurion tables pretending to know what a wicket is. The only time am in flats is when am hanging with baby Tay. Lifestyle ilifestyle. And another thing I dont stay at one place for more than 3 hours. No.

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    • Hehehehe wazondinakidza! Wow, hanzi “why not a pair of heels sipping on some wine at the Centurion tables pretending to know what a wicket is.” You made my day. I understand though, as long as you are comfortable that’s all that really matters in the end 🙂
      Thanks for reading.

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  2. I think our beloved female counterparts somewhere somehow vex things when it comes to dressing, I guess someone lied to them that all men love what they see hence, explicit dressing. You would fail to understand why would one advertise her body in the club as if its for sale. Most of dem girls will be saying, I put on what I want & what I feel comfortable in but at times i think its an issue of misplaced & misinformed taste for fashion.


    • I couldn’t agree more, it really is about being misinformed. I blame TV. We see the Rihanna’s of this world close to naked on stage but we don’t realise that in real life they dress properly. We lose the plot!


  3. What I will say is the older I get, the more comfort gets a front row seat in my what-to-wear decision making process! I used to have and wear sky high heels THE WHOLE DAY at work but now I’m like eh, for who? for what? and sprain my ankle? I think not!

    Also, in my humble opinion I think people should just dress for the ocassion please. I mean heels and a mini at a cricket match? Apa those heels will be busy “sakuraring” the grass lol. But hey, to each their own…just that sometimes it makes one look like a fish out of water #jussayin


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