Cape Town Reloaded

I NEEDED a holiday.  I was going getting highly irritable and I was not looking forward to going to work at all.  Have you ever felt exhausted first thing in the morning by the thought of going to work, just thinking it was making me very unhappy.  I guess I was suffering from burn out.   The last time I had taken time off was so many months ago when I was trying to get Miss Kupsy’s affairs in order and that was no form of time out at all.  This was a much needed break and I enjoyed every bit of it.  I won’t bore you with a lot of details like I did the first time I visited Cape Town.  In this post I will write about the highlights of my trip.



with @mapz___ (Twitter)

I hung out with Leigh and Melissa and they showed me around the Victoria Wharf at the V&A Waterfront.  It’s like THE destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.  These two women were the best hosts ever.  They showed me around and spent the entire afternoon with me.  I wonder at what point will Zimbabwe have breath taking malls like these…probably when Miss Kupsy is done with High School because trust me we have a long way to go.  That said, I had to walk past some of the stores because my pocket is not yet that healthy and walking in just to window shop was going to leave us with real heartache. Stores like Hugo Boss Ladies, Louis Vuitton and Mont Blanc; I have kept the list short because if I keep going on my heart might just start bleeding all over again!

We later settled in for late lunch by Primi Restaurant .  The views from there are absolutely divine.  You can watch the waves from a distance while sipping on a glass of wine and taking in the lovely ambiance.


I went through the menu and all I can see was the usual food I had been stuffing my face with for the past few days.  I was so over chicken and burgers. I wanted to have something that would have my taste buds excited.  Melissa suggested I try out Carbonara (Crispy bacon & pecorino folded with an egg, a dash of cream & spring onion).  I was a bit skeptical but seeing that she had tried it out a couple of times I had a feeling it was going to be worth every bite.  We ordered some drinks and waited on our order.  The sun was a bit too much so we opted to change tables and the waiter was really helpful moving our bags and later taking pictures of us.  Apparently he used to be a photographer so this was not a bother at all.


Carbonara : Price R73

When my plate was placed in front of me I thought oh my, I am going to need a burger after this!  It looked like it was too little but trust me a few bites into it I realised that I was lying to myself, I was actually going to have a hard time finishing my food.  The pasta was rich, well prepared and very tasty.  I loved how the bacon was finely chopped and mixed with the rest of the ingredients.  I am not friends with Red Wine so when Leigh and Melissa ordered a bottle I ordered a cider and this meal really went down with an ice cold glass of Hunters Gold.  My bill was a neat R150, I have never felt so good about paying for a meal and drinks the way I did on this day.  Back home for that amount all you get is a meal and no drinks!  A meal like this that makes you wonder who works in that kitchen!


(Twitter)@Ubuntu_Queen- Melissa, MaKupsy & Leigh

After late lunch we proceeded to go to the waterfront to take A LOT of photos and selfies, and photos and did I say selfies while enjoying the view.  It was a lovely day spent with great company, good food and amazing views.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Can you believe my nephew had not been on the City SightSeeing Bus and yet this is his second year in Cape Town?  Unbelievable! We got it touch and decided to meet up by the Tour Bus office in the City Centre.  The one thing I loved about the City Sight Seeing website is that they have an online chat facility which actually works!  The conversation I had with them the morning we were meant to meet up with my nephew went like this:


Methinks Service Providers in Zimbabwe should try this out, saves a lot of time and money!

I had my first Uber experience and I must say this application is really convenient and affordable.  It cost R100 to pick me up from the hotel to Long Street. Not bad at all!  The thing is when I travel to South Africa I keep converting the money to the amount I would have been charged in Zimbabwe and I realise we are being ripped off back home!!

It was a fun filled afternoon. Our first stop was Table Mountain.


Vuyo is a laid back person.  This was not his kind of fun, he likes being indoors but after your aunty has come all the way from Zimbabwe you have to get out of the house and get some air.   I know he was just thinking to himself someone shoot me now!  I was all geared up for the day, backpack, sunglasses, dress, shoes, selfie stick, sunscreen, actually just about everything was in my bag ready to take on the day.

Next stop was Camps Bay Beach.

The first thing we did when we hopped off was have lunch and he chose Ocean Basket.  He likes playing it safe when it comes to food and he doesn’t like a lot of things.  He is that person who will have a burger and a roll, no tomato, onion, cheese or mayo for him.


Too beautiful!

Vuyo did not get into the water at all.  He was chilled by the rocks and playing on his phone and watching the waves.  He was my camera person for the day because if he was not going to join me in the freezing water I was going to find other ways to make him useful.


The water was SO COLD but I needed pictures for my Instagram! LOL

We got back to Long Street just before 5pm after spending a couple of hours at Camps Bay Beach.


It was a lovely day and it was good to catch up with Vuyo.  I had not seen him in months!

Night Out


I don’t remember the last time I went out and got home at 4am!  The skies were clearing in preparation for a new day and there I was leaving a club!  That’s just how much fun I had on this particular Thursday night!  We got to the club around 9pm and the place was relaxed and had a few people.  The first thing we did was order some food.  I ordered a platter because I wanted something meaty.  Everyone else did the same and we patiently waited while sipping on some drinks.  I was having my usual Vodka.  The food came after what felt like forever and did I just not get the shock of my life!


Ribs,steak, chicken & a salad for

Let me be honest, I only managed to eat a few ribs and had the whole salad.  I had to ask for a doggy bag to take home because my body would not let me stomach all that food in one go!  It was delicious though but wayyy too much for me to take in one go.  The rest of the evening went really well and Somizi Mhlongo came and sat to a table right next to us.  As my friends already know I love things and I went up to him a few minutes later to ask for a selfie.  He politely declined and gave me a hug saying he couldn’t take pictures in this particular club.  Dear readers, you are very lucky, had I taken that selfie with him, you were not going to hear the last of it!  Hahaha, the universe knows better after all.  They mostly played House Music and I loved most of the songs because I am not familiar with some of them.  The place eventually got packed and so many drinks later we decided to call it a night.



I made sure I got the window seat!

Sadly, all great holidays have to come an end…It was the most refreshing week I have had all year!  I felt happier, refreshed and ready to take on life again.  It was nice to visit a destination a second time and actually have an idea of how to get around.  I will definitely visit again next year without fail or maybe I will go to East London?  Time will tell.  Who knows this time I might not be visiting but actually relocating and never have to plan all year to visit such a beautiful place.

I know I promised I wouldn’t bore you with so many details but so many lovely things happened I couldn’t help but share them.  Do make sure you put Cape Town on your must got to Travel Destination, I promise you won’t regret it!

Have a day as beautiful as you.

©MaKupsy 2016


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