I want a six pack and I want it now!  Well, okay, I actually can’t have it now but it would be really nice if I could dial for one and it would be delivered right at my doorstep.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that and to get a six pack you have to put in the work! I set out to plan out a challenge for myself which I will share at the end of the 6 weeks and boy was my body not ready for it or what!  The first three weeks went by smoothly-ish until my body started giving in on me.


Week 3 of my Ab Challenge

My running pace was getting terrible by the day.  My legs felt heavy and I was not as energetic as I usually am.  I sent Kudzai a message telling him I was struggling BIG TIME and he told me I needed to rest.  Rest?? I actually told him he was being insane.  How do I rest when I am trying to get killer abs?  I went on and listened though and took a day off from everything fitness related.  Kudzai encouraged me to stretch instead on my rest day and get my body to repair.  Trust me the day I got back to running my pace drastically improved.  From someone who was running at around 6’36″/ km my pace rocketed to 5″48/ km.  Imagine that!  A few days later my pace was at 5’25″/km.


Wearing the KG Socks 🙂

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that resting would actually make things better for me.  This was an eye opener for me.  We never stop learning!  Imagine if one day of rest made such a drastic change…what would happen if I took 2 days of rest?  I went back to my challenge routine which also involves, skipping, planks, push-ups the whole shebang that’s supposed to help shape my core. This stuff is painful, by the time I am done my whole core feels like it’s on fire!!

Last week was just hard.  My left leg was in serious pain.  When I asked Amy (she is a physiotherapist)  what was going on with my legs she told me that I had Achilles Tendonitis…loosely translated to an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone.  I have been running distances ranging from 2 to 15 kilometers since August 2014 to date.  I think my body was just telling me it was time I took a break for a bit.  The pain I was feeling can not be put into words.  All I know is that the doctor knows best and I tried to listen to her for a few days then decided otherwise and attended a Walkathon instead.  I regretted every minute of it the next day!  Burnout is real!  I woke up with both my knees in serious pain.  It’s fine, I get it, I will take the rest day or days in this case!!

This is week 5 of my 6 week challenge but unfortunately it is going to be my rest week and I will only get back to it next week.  My legs won’t allow it.  In the interim I will concentrate on stretching and a few ab routines.  I am still off vodka till the challenge is over and gosh do I miss it or do I miss it!  I must admit, it feels very strange not waking up at insane hours to go out to run and workout but I know I need this.  The way I have been sleeping well since Saturday night are a sure sign that my body needed the much needed rest.


Taking a well deserved break from exercising!

If you are a runner or workout fanatic like me, has this ever happened to you before?  Do you believe in taking rest days or once you start nothing can stop you?

I have learnt two lessons from this though:

  1. Too much of anything is not good for you after all. 
  2. You have to listen to your body, if it’s telling you you are over training take time to rest!

Fitness Bae®


3 thoughts on “Rest Day Is IMPORTANT!

  1. My Personal Trainer stressed the importance of rest days and stretching so I’ve always been mindful of them. Your body needs time to recover and mend, hence your pace decreased as you were not giving your muscles enough time to repair. I don’t do much cardio now since I’m into lifting but I need to leave a full day inbetween my strength days and if I decide to workout then it’ll be low impact cardio…..stuff like the stationary bike, elliptical or a jog (LSD cardio) where I maintain a steady slow pace over a long period of time. Rest days are crucial to increasing your fitness.

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    • Your personal trainer was so right. I wish I had known this earlier on because my body started paying for it dearly the past few weeks. The rest week is doing so much good. I am actually having uninterrupted sleep and my legs are getting better.
      How is lifting going? I am yet to try it out. How many times a week do you lift? Is your trainer male or female…hehehe, so many questions!


      • Lifting is literally the best thing to ever happen to my body, it is so much better than cardio and isn’t as boring, also not so time consuming. I used to be cardio queen and the weight was melting but my body wasn’t recompositing, I was skinny fat, if that makes sense. Lifting will give you some great muscle definition and drastically lower your body fat giving you that attractive physique! I love it. Also increases endurance so you’re able to run much faster that sort of thing. I barely do cardio now…….and if I do, it’s more circuit based than straight up running etc. I get bored easily on the same thing.

        My trainer is just 23 (shame) but extremely hot with a deep voice! Gosh! He makes me lift 4 times a week, 2 days lower body and 2 days upper body. I go for a long run/walk on my rest day (more walk than run) and the remaining day I circuit train or just attend gym classes. He’s really good at his job though.

        P/S please lift. You’ll thank yourself

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