Judge Not!

I got this message from my friend Tillo a few weeks ago and I thought I would share it here.  I don’t know who wrote this but I think this might help a lot of us to think before we start judging those around us.


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Let’s bear in mind before we judge…

Not everyone wants to get married

Not everyone wants to have children

Some people cannot have children

Some people are not married because of circumstances

Some peoples are religious some are not

We need to accept that it is okay and that

doesn’t make them less human  

We are all different with  different views, goals and aspirations

stick to what’s yours and stop trying to understand why X and O does not do such

You don’t know what heavy burden one is carrying.

©MaKupsy 2016


10 thoughts on “Judge Not!

    • I agree but people are just too quick to say bad things without even knowing someones story or what they are going through. Everything is not always sunshine and butterflies.

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      • True which is why we have to show love and exercise patience with people after all everyone is fighting a battle that we might not be aware of


      • It’s easier said than done right? BUT i would like to believe it is very possible and with time you realise that it makes you a better person for not being too quick to judge 🙂


      • Yes and also making a conscious effort not to judge other people. Times when i have judged people it is because i have allowed other people’s opinions of those people to influence how i view that person

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      • I know right. Like you can just not like someone not because of anything they did or said to you but because the people you hang around with have a strong opinion of them and then everything goes downhill from there.


  1. I heard someone say a while back that before you judge another person first try walking in their shoes and this is so true. The older I get the less i judge, because I’ve come to the conclusion that only inexperienced people judge others purely because they can not relate. Great post

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    • I am glad you realised that sooner rather than later. I used to be like that as well but growing up has a way of making you looks at things differently. Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend ahead. 🙂


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